Playin Soccer: Take An Inside Look At An NCAA Division 1 Individual Training Session!

Awesome Tip: Take An Inside Look At An NCAA Division 1 Individual Training Session!


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  1. Reply

    Hey I liked the voice over, I would like to see more of those. Good work!

  2. Reply

    Hey javi how do you become like a Soccer play like , ummm the full steps you have to do , cause I’m 14 I’ve been working training and stuff but I don’t know where to go to either an academy or play till college idk… can you give advice or anything , Thanks:).

  3. Reply

    Nice technical session. Where did you get your balance pad?

  4. Reply

    i need to go to your college

  5. Reply

    I like how you're actually training Isak and doing drills that are applicable to the game. I hate when pages on Instagram do pointless exercises that are not beneficial to the player whatsoever and just are for show. Keep it up!

  6. Reply

    Coach Javi, mate, bring back the vlogs. I know you are busy but when the time comes please make a vlogs! Cheerz

  7. Reply

    Javi – If your girls are successfully playing teams 2 tiers higher, why are they playing at the lower level? I have to assume your league games are incredibly lopsided if your team's talent level is that much higher.

  8. Reply

    If you are a good motivator, how do you get better at being a good coach? Just experience?

  9. Reply

    I swear my highschool trains harder than that x10 not playing. Like we do a mile run warm up and 1 suicide to start, then we do technical drills and simulations. Obv we chill 2 days before game day maybe some 3v3 scrims

  10. Reply

    Hey coach if you don’t use those blue manikins I could put them to use if you wee willing to donate them

  11. Reply

    Great video and Happy Birthday Coach Brad. You don’t look a day past 35. Like the voice over and good job on the shed.

  12. Reply

    I'd rather this type of video, which you talk about the scenes. Although I like your editions I think that when the video is only edited it could be bored than the video with a voice over and with a little bit editing.

  13. Reply

    Also happy birthday brad

  14. Reply

    Definitely do the voice over again please

    • dww63
    • February 20, 2021

    Very much enjoyed the voice over. Nice work. Shout-out to coach Brad Happy B-DAY.

  15. Reply

    For a second I thought you were drinking coffee out of a Lens!

  16. Reply

    Coach Javi, could you please do a video of how to receive and turn when the defender is pressuring you?

  17. Reply

    Great voice over

  18. Reply

    Great video coach Javi me and my dad do your sessions and happy birthday Brad

  19. Reply

    voiceover is much better

  20. Reply

    Loving the voiceover!

  21. Reply

    I love the voice over bc it is more informational

  22. Reply

    Coach Javi with another great vid

  23. Reply

    Happy Birthday Coach Brad!!!

  24. Reply

    Yeah I like the voiceover, please do it again so we understand the reason behind the drills and we know what to implement if we use your drills. Also I thought you were drinking out of your camera lens, haha.

  25. Reply

    Happy Bday, Coach Biggie B! I’ll also be 45 this yr. Coach Javi, i appreciated the voice over. I would like more of that. Booms are good! Organized cones are also good! Clean, organized shed. Love it!

  26. Reply

    Got bro! El primero!
    Saludos desde G.A

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