Playin Soccer: Tactics Corner With Coach Bradley Morrison Ep. 2 – [Team Tactics] – Possession To Go Forward

Awesome Tip: Tactics Corner With Coach Bradley Morrison Ep. 2 – [Team Tactics] – Possession To Go Forward

Welcome back to another tactics corner! Today we join Bradley as he takes us through a breakdown of the first team and how they use possession in transition to create scoring opportunities. What would you like to see in the next Tactics Corner?

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    Hey everyone, welcome back to the second episode of Tactics Corner! Bradley, the first team coach, is guiding us through a tactical breakdown. Brad has his USSF A license and is a USSF coaching educator. He also works with the Olympic Development Program (ODP) here in North Carolina and is a brilliant coach! Let us know what you think. Enjoy!

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    Great video.
    Thanks for upload.

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    Like your videos javi

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    Can you do a tactic corner on the back line defending, keeping their shape and staying connected

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    Good stuffs! I like the tactics corner. Thanx, Coach!

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    Thank you! Great info.

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    Great session .. I assume you're team plays a 4 5 1 formation? With two 6's / defensive midfielders?
    I seen a lit of teams crossing the ball into the box. Have you tried keeping the ball on the ground with a 45 degree pass back to the top of the 18? I ask because you mid fielders are in very good shape to attack and the opposing teams defense is expecting the cross.

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    To me, the most important thing to be taught in football is the first check

    • um
    • February 12, 2021

    0:12 Wow he looks like Klopp the Liverpool manager from that angle

    • f 3
    • February 12, 2021

    Got a 2 weeks to decide to take the scholarship offer for next august. These videos really help me get a better idea of the American style of play and what standard I should expect. Anyone know where these players are ranked? Are they one of the better colleges or one of the weaker ones? Cheers 🙂

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