Playin Soccer: Tactics Corner – Regaining Possession of the Ball

Awesome Tip: Tactics Corner – Regaining Possession of the Ball

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  1. Great video. I'm teaching my U12 and U16 girls pressing.

  2. US Coaching Licenses.. for coaches. Which levels do you need for what or which licenses are the bare minimum or make you more employable? For different levels, youth, high school, college, club, professional, ect. What are your thoughts?

  3. Can you explain the "curve your run"? Please

  4. Hey coach Javi personally I am curious about what attacking plays my team can do in the final third. My team is at the U16 level and knows a few plays like Up-Back-through. Could you please do a video for this.

  5. You should do winger passing tactics in a game

  6. Really like it!

  7. love it

  8. Video Idea: Deciding when and where to attack 1v1 (could go in depth with as a winger, CM, striker, etc. and the differences in terms of position/role in the team and place on the field)

    Love the content!

    • J
    • March 3, 2021

    I liked to help you pay your bills

  9. I love the variety between the soccer trainings and also the theory of the game that you provide to us.

  10. Great video

  11. This one gonna be good.

  12. Very good thanks coach Javi ❤️

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