Playin Soccer: Tactics Corner – Exploiting the Weak Side To Create Goal Scoring Opportunities

Awesome Tip: Tactics Corner – Exploiting the Weak Side To Create Goal Scoring Opportunities

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    Hey everyone! Got a bit of inspiration from the masterclass videos on the coaches’ voice channel so I figured I could do something similar and bring back the Tactics Corner episodes at the same time. Let me know what you think and what topics you’d like me to cover next!

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    Please make more of these, they are very helpful! Would be nice if you could show how to create chances as a midfielder

  3. I really liked this video. Your first example was good to show how you quickly countered and found the open space in behind the backs. But if I’m the coach of that team I’m furious at how the ball was given away so cheaply. The player in the middle had two players making forward runs attacking your right back which effectively makes it a 3v1 on the left wing. And he plays a terrible pass into pressure and kills his teammate. Your right back is arguably in a tough to position to begin with and if he plays that ball wide he’s done

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    Can you do some Left back/right back tactical stuff. Like how to defend 2v1 and how to attack as a left back

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    Brilliant! Great use of the masterclass style video. Could you also show a training session with passing patterns and off the ball movement for youth players that replicate this scenario?

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    id like some individual tactical components!!

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    Coach Javi, can you try and change the ball color? Hard to see

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    Defending from the top or defending using the 6, 8, and 10

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    Great video

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    Love the video mate, think you could talk about the 3-5-2 formation

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    DCFC vs the PUMAS ?

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    You helped me get into D1 soccer at A&M THANK YOU

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    thanks for the video it was so good but next time can you make the ball with bacuse its was hard to see it but keep the good work ups <3

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  16. Wingers please

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    Thank you Coach Javi for making a video about this I love all your videos

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