Playin Soccer: Tactics Corner – Defending The 1v1

Awesome Tip: Tactics Corner – Defending The 1v1

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  1. Let me know below what topics you want me to cover next!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this, I am a late soccer/player bloomer, I did not play as a child and I started playing in high school, after a dare, but I had always loved soccer and so, I just decided to play. I did not know anything about the rules, the offsides rule, or anything. I ended up playing goalie but I never learned the basics. Then, I played sparingly through my 20s. Eventually, I picked it up in my late 30s, and I joined and played on the rec league team that was coed, and the refs made ridiculous calls. It seemed like they did not know anything about defense and they considered the goalie to be the last defender. They wanted me to play sweeper-keeper; even though I wasn’t that experienced, and all the information that you shared in this video that you posted was the opposite of everything they ever told me. Thank you very much for sharing this information! Great stuff!!!

  3. You made some solid points. There are some unwritten rules for defending. So you pointed out that defenders should not step in during a 1v1, rather stall and steer towards the outside. So the general rule is to stall when one's team is in an even numbered or outnumbered situation and press when one's team is outnumbering the opponents. This of course also applies in a 1v1 situation as this is an even numbered situation.

    I know that the video is about 1v1 but in my opinion, the #10 made the mistake of not helping the defender in creating the 2v1 situation. The pressure was on and he did not have a defender to worry about. Based on his body posture, he seemed to be more concerned about getting the ball and counter attacking. So what should he have done, tuck in closer to the play and force the attacker further out or fall behind the left back to recover the ball after the hard touch.

    Don't get me wrong the #3 fell for the feint and was done but the foul could have been prevented had the #10 helped in create more pressure on the outside, forcing the winger out.

    I enjoyed your video man, the small clips help out a lot. There are so many details in so little time. This is why I always encourage players and coaches to watch footage and try to understand what is happening.

  4. As an attacker I completely agree. The toughest defenders to go against are the ones that don't stab and are best at forcing you out or towards their supporting defenders

  5. Maybe a midfield positioning or a positioning in general video

  6. I am a CB and was wondering if you could show any more videos on this topic

  7. Can you do positioning for a center attacking midfielder please

  8. Finally someone that tells defenders that they don’t have to win the ball every single time. They watch a bunch of defending highlights before a game and think they have to win every ball that comes near them

  9. Good explanation of dealing with 1-1.

  10. Would love to see video about dribblig and creating space for others.

  11. thx coach javi im a left defender and this really help me

  12. great vid!

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