Playin Soccer: Tactics Corner – Creating Gaps In The Back Line

Awesome Tip: Tactics Corner – Creating Gaps In The Back Line

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    More of this

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    Es posible que empieces a poner subtitulos?

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    Strikers to score more goals

  4. Reply

    Best tactical content I've ever watched! Thank you for mixing the slow breakdown with pieces with the actual game footage. Really helps with assimilating the material. Can't wait to see more videos like this!

  5. Reply

    Can you cover the Gegenpress, how it works, and the advantages and disadvantages you see as a high level player and high level coach, please?

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    This really helps as a defender coming from a DCFC Downriver 08 ⚜️

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    More defending vids.

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    For sure need more

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    We need more and more like this

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    More defending vids please

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    Great stuff. Thank you

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