Playin Soccer: Switching the Point of Attack! | AllTactics

Awesome Tip: Switching the Point of Attack! | AllTactics

Switching the Point of Attack!!


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  1. Reply

    Please make again the video about beating defense tatics, now it’s blocked, it would be good to see again

  2. Reply


  3. Reply

    Who else is here in 2020 and their coach assigned this for them

  4. Reply

    Sir ronaldo jesi mind blowing ka ek video

  5. Reply

    vy useful, mate!!

  6. Reply

    Great information in the video. The break down using professional players as well as break down in animation allows for a deeper understanding of the entire concept of Switching the Point of Attack.

  7. Reply

    hi please make the video of defender

  8. Reply

    Can you give tips on goalkeeper pls

  9. Reply

    thank you and great job all attack…can you please make a video about how to dribbling like eden hazard…

  10. Reply

    I love to see all of your tactics video. Very good explaination, superb graphic, looks modern, makes good understanding.

  11. Reply

    there were no mistakes by defenders bt they concede plz tell all these situations in deep.

  12. Reply

    explain that even playing well nd applying good tactics the teams sometimes lost the game .

  13. Reply

    Great man you are awesome!!!

  14. Reply

    perfect videos brother
    pls add more videos

  15. Reply

    tactics for goalkeeper

  16. Reply

    all attack how to shoot when reciving the ball in goal post area my problem is when we we near goal my team mate pass the ball so fast and i can t make the contact and if i make contact the ball is go high or out of control what can i do for that

    • mmm
    • February 7, 2021

    nutmegg nutmegg nutmegg!!!

  17. Reply

    make videos of training specifically for these positions and ideas these videos are about.

  18. Reply

    that's helped me a lot

  19. Reply

    you are to good in soccer game

  20. Reply

    hi,can you do a video on how to make the right choice in passing or long passes,etc…..PLZ

  21. Reply

    how will I see my teammate is moving on the other side?

    I love playing midfield but I not easy as I tough? so

    what are the main key of midfield player I mean like the person who have good pass, control or who can see the open person every time?

    When every I try to do it the other player always got from my back and I always lose the ball when that time even I check my shoulder they still get the ball so will I play for faster or pass back and move to the open space and look for the other that my teammate make a move..

  22. Reply

    Hi, like your videos.good job

  23. Reply

    hi AllAttack your videos have helped me improve so much as a player and i am currently on dc untied youth academy being scouted. I would like to thank you for helping me improve:) (fyi Using my dads account for this comment)

  24. Reply

    do more of these

  25. Reply

    I love your videos. Great job!

  26. Reply

    Can you do a video on keeping your head up and looking around!? Thanks

  27. Reply

    Please make a video on zonal defending…

  28. Reply

    ALL ATACK please make a video on how to dip a ball

  29. Reply

    I"m from Brazil and liked your video

  30. Reply

    I think you should upload more often your videos are very good and you would grow faster

  31. Reply

    Do an all around the world trick. Please

  32. Reply

    Can you teach how to control ball like kungfu…

  33. Reply

    The best football videos,can you do a video about panana

  34. Reply

    Drills to get better at shooting

  35. Reply

    Why you are not a footballer

  36. Reply

    please do a freekick tutorial

  37. Reply

    Why do you not play professional football?

  38. Reply

    Do a defending tutorial

  39. Reply

    please make a video on how to do a rabona

  40. Reply

    hi allattack can you do a video on how to be more confident on the ball

  41. Reply

    Can you do the knuckle ball vedio???please!

  42. Reply

    When are you gonna do a knuckleball tutorial?

  43. Reply

    hey bro, please make more videos
    i wait very eagerly
    luv ur channel

  44. Reply

    when you will start q&a

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