Playin Soccer: SuperLiga Is Back! Playing Against The Team That Beat Us In The Final!

Awesome Tip: SuperLiga Is Back! Playing Against The Team That Beat Us In The Final!

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  1. Reply

    Biggest question is, how was the zucchini that you received as a gift? Did not see it in the video…

  2. Reply

    Bring Coach Tommy back for more videos!

    • UDT
    • February 24, 2021

    U gonna come back to Chicago with a training camp?

  3. Reply

    I am really hopeing you trust me and to prove it go to A.L. Brown high school page and there is a baseball game on feb 1 and we will percent our goals for the first time and I am just a freshman 9 grade trying to make high school a soccer place. You know but the man hope that is pove enough but thx.

  4. Reply

    Coach javi. I know that I am late and I am reaching out and telling you if you can come A.L. Brown high school Kannapolis nc and see us become sumw thing big. It is going to be @ 8 tommarrow feb 1. I love you videos I rewatch them cause it is amazing what you put out. Hope you make my dream and come. Thx big love.

  5. Reply

    hey coach javi do we have pratice today

  6. Reply

    Coach javi hows your ankle feeling and is there any chance you are going to show all of your sub my volley goal???

  7. Reply

    Coach Javi played like Neymar

    • T m
    • February 24, 2021

    Do u guys usually have a good turnout or no?

  8. Reply

    I need to join an indoor league sometime soon I love indoor.

  9. Reply

    Me personally, I hate playing with boards and no outs. Takes away from the whole experience. At least, there should be goal line outs.

  10. Reply

    Second or third

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