Playin Soccer: SuperLiga Championship LIVE – Coach Javi Academy vs Catenaccio

Awesome Tip: SuperLiga Championship LIVE – Coach Javi Academy vs Catenaccio

Welcome to the SuperLiga Championship between Coach Javi Academy and Catenaccio!

Livestreaming provided by Nick Miko and commentary by Jarrett Maki!


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    Hey everyone, hope you guys are excited for the game! Feel free to leave your predictions below. Huge thank you to Nick Miko and special guest commentator Jarrett Maki for bringing this Livestream to you guys! Let's do this!

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    Coach javi and every single players on the team, tried to be the star of the show… unfortunately, soccer is a team game.
    white team: dump and chase most of the game. to wide, nothing in the middle. everyone holding ball to long, looking to dribble first…. if no shot and ball is not lost, then lousy pass followed.
    and one more very important thing: for indoor soccer (5v5, 6v6, 7v7), you must have a deeper bench. one man changing is funny and not serious. remember, team play is not only to share the ball, but also the field and the minutes.

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    No movement and no center positioning – everyone played on the sides! I get it's a big field but more reason to get a center mid to switch sides

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    Coach Javi missing a lot until he scored in thhe first half but good goal

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    Smh Javi cmon now I have a men’s team for you to compete against. Where’s the tikki taka…

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    Really good game !!

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