Playin Soccer: Supercopa, here we go! Trip to Jeddah | INSIDE SUPERCOPA #1

Awesome Tip: Supercopa, here we go! Trip to Jeddah | INSIDE SUPERCOPA #1

First day in Suadi Arabia, venue for the new-look Spanish Super Cup from January 8 to 12. We will face Atlético Madrid in the second semi-final on Thursday, and should we win, will meet Real Madrid or Valencia in Sunday’s final.

Day 1: training, trip, hotel accomodation!

0:49 Players arrival at Ciutat Esportiva 🚗
1:36 Training session ⚽
3:27 Players boarding 💼
4:49 Take off 🛫
5:05 Landing at Jeddah 🛬
6:53 Hotel check in 🛎

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    I walked with Saul I wished I was with Messi

  3. Reply

    Thank you for coming and god bless the team

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    Note : Al-Hijaz is a 100% Muslim country.


    We wished to host you at the Jeddah International Circuit

    Jeddah Mountain Gardens: east of Jeddah (cable car to the mountains)

    Jeddah National Theater

    But the project was halted for geopolitical reasons


    by the way to tourism in Jeddah

    Don't forget to visit :->

    Old Town + Corniche + Diving + Zoo + Traditional Restaurants + Tourism Helicopter Tour + Malls + Jeddah History Museum + Jeddah Public Library + roundabout historical landmark + water parks + amusement parks
    + Etc. (available to non-Muslims)


    Someone to translate "the Arabic language"

    carry Tourism guide

    hold Some cash Money

    Question before filming

    Respecting mosques and prayer times

    Smile and politely ask
    Proof of visa
    as identity


    We wish you a pleasant stay with enjoyable tourism



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    The OG players of all time came in style coach u have done a good job

  6. Reply

    Por que Santine no Xavi porfa denos a xavi de entrenador

  7. Reply

    How much mate does fukken Suarez drink !? No wonder he complains he can’t slp

  8. Reply

    As far as i know, dembele is not in barcelona, so he can't stay there lol

    • Kio
    • February 10, 2021

    Are you happy now valverde 3 2

  9. Reply

    Y el episodio #2??

  10. Reply

    Y el viaje de vuelta a casa??

  11. Reply

    Kick out valverdy

  12. Reply

    Y el video de la vuelta ?

  13. Reply

    Hablaa en Españolllll

  14. Try al baik fast food restaurant

  15. Reply

    Supercopa, here we leave!

  16. Reply

    Moi best playr fottbal

    • manu
    • February 10, 2021

    Jaja y ya eliminados que pechos frios sois

  17. And here we are returning home XD

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    new trip means a new remontada :DD

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    Goodby Jeddah and fuck you all of this team

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    They lost again…

  22. Reply

    Always the same images…not like a team but a friends club. Messi& Suarez and Piqué mostly.

  23. Reply

    Al carrer

  24. وبالاخير اكلتم ٣ورجعتم الى أسبانيا تجرون وراءكم ذيول الخيبه

  25. Reply

    I wish to see Messi and Suarez

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    Barcelona dont pass to supercopa final but good luck in UCL

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    Vergüenza dais ya.

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