Playin Soccer: 🏆 SUPER CUP FINAL | BARÇA LIVE: BARÇA 2-3 ATHLETIC CLUB | Warm up & Match Center

Awesome Tip: 🏆 SUPER CUP FINAL | BARÇA LIVE: BARÇA 2-3 ATHLETIC CLUB | Warm up & Match Center

Join us LIVE from the Estadio de La Cartuja in Seville for Barça’s Spanish Super Cup final against Athletic Club.


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  1. The amuck dinner microcephaly jump because botany prudently jam past a gaudy objective. gifted, romantic ferry

  2. that bimbo laughthing in athletic players' names, not class.

  3. who are these clueless and oblivous people, losers!



  6. Я хочу Месси ушол не уйдёт он ишезнет фсе трафейи дастанется гейю раналдо

  7. Все говарят причина проигрыша это всё виноват куман его нада вигонят для барси нет трафейи пока не уходит куман этот шакал продал всех хвроших играков в барсе играет Месси 100 раз пас даёт ели один гол и они не правильно пас дают за это Месси бийот гол от 40 пасов один они даже не знают правильно пас не дают

  8. 3:27th hour lol I’m a Madrista and I come here cause I’m also a sadist. But I love the cogency Barca YT puts out. Very well.

  9. Messi broke my heart. But grizzi played well

  10. barca are pissing me off now. hoping messi leaves because we cant even win a simple cup how do we expect to win the champions league. messi doesn't deserve this

  11. 2:57:20 Iñaki balón dee oro

  12. Messi: 2 red cards his entire career Messi now: Fk this shit, I'm too old to be all nice now lol

  13. There's no try ing for Missy.

    • Omar
    • February 15, 2021

    Bye kuman

  14. These kids are saying Bilbao are losers because they wasted time I’m sorry but any team that is one goal up in extra time especially in a cup final will waste time.
    If barca was leading they would’ve also wasted time so that’s not an excuse

  15. barcelona

  16. messi was send off for the 1st time with barca

  17. Tenían que ser del Farca, esas mujeres ni patear una bola saben y se ponen a hablar así… que vergüenza

  18. Barcelona equipo chico

  19. Me siento muy identificado con la reaccion de esa chica. Yo también estaba muy quemado con los últimos minutos y con el partido en general…

  20. I’m so proud of you guys!! You always make trending. Great job! ??

  21. Return to Barcelona, ​​Valverde, or Guardiola

  22. Es poco pero messirve

  23. I’m glad mia sweared tbh she had to let it out enough of this filter shit let’s be real know enough is enough

  24. instagram de la minita

  25. Ouch, this hurts..I really felt the pain. I really wanted to see Messi lift that Trophy and see that beautiful smile on his face again

  26. Villalibre impacta con su cuello en la mano de Messi claramente. Robo, indignación, are you kidding me?

    • EKYZ
    • February 15, 2021

    2:57:08 y una que? y una que? jajajaja

  27. lol @ "Villalibre got in Messi's way somewhat violently". Yeah, totally his fault, not Messi punching him down.

    I'm glad this isn't an official commentary backed by the club… OH WAIT.

  28. Porque suben esta vergüenza jajajaja

  29. Hahahahahahahaha

  30. Fíjate si es un equipo no de gente de Barcelona si no de extranjeros que tienen que hablar en ingles y todos los comentarios también son en ingles

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