Playin Soccer: SUNDAY LEAGUE IS BACK! Coach Javi Comes Out Of Retirement!

Awesome Tip: SUNDAY LEAGUE IS BACK! Coach Javi Comes Out Of Retirement!

I’m out of shape and I haven’t played in a year so I would say not too shabby…

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    lay off the energy drinks

  2. Reply

    Keep playing!

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    You still got it man, just keep it up

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    Javi would you be willing to play Clasa League this summer?

    • C W
    • February 14, 2021

    So much different to Sunday League in England

  5. Coach Javi play Sunday league at ISC in the summer!!!!! It'll be cool for me to cross you

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    @ 07:48 You mean this was not Div. 1 talent you played against in the game. I mean i thought they were starting a new kit trend with the sweatpants LOL!

  8. Reply

    What would be your advice in trying out for a team?

  9. Reply

    Stick with it and show us the process you take to get back in shape. I am trying to get back in shape too for Sunday league so I would be interested.

  10. Reply

    Coach Javi vs mcgreggor lmao

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    Please do voice overs in the training sessions instead of montage it is so much more informative and helps us players out a tonne

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    Coach hobby I have been following you since the beginning can't quit winners never quit

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    Props for "Hello darkness my old friend" insert. My 10-year-old son LOL'd when he saw it.

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    Coach jack reminds me of Carlos Vela. I believe coach Javi and vela could’ve been at a much higher level but didn’t want to.

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    Bro stop being a bitch , futbols not something you give up on , it’s for life ! If you don’t go pro oh well the love for the game will never end♥️

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    Glad you're back

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    Yeah!!! I like these videos 🙂

  19. Reply

    Need to be quicker my friend, and score as well.

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    Glad coach Brad got redemption on his epic fail Lol

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    Coach Javi come play with me in my Sunday League game! The league is pretty competitive! Do us a solid. We are undefeated so far! It would be dope if you were down for it!

    • Srcxz
    • February 14, 2021

    You live in Canada?

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    Bro I feel your pain but the people just can’t finish man

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    mate mate mate mate mate mate mate mate mate

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    Finally some sunday league

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    Been waiting years for this!!!

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    C'mon mate, don't hang up the boots yet. I want to see you playing competitive again.

    • aseed
    • February 14, 2021

    Do you think there's an advantage to playing football in crappy fields? Like because the ball is more bouncy and harder to control so once you play on a good field it's much easier for you

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    Nothing better than having some fun. Keep at it. One day you won't have the option and you will regret it if you don't take advantage of it.

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    what type of sunday league pick up game is this

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