Playin Soccer: Step Your Game Up

Awesome Tip: Step Your Game Up

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    Alright, so I got the camera to work but I am definitely not a pro when it comes to all the fancy settings. Bear with me as I figure it out. Brad had a good idea that we should do some tactical breakdowns of big games and he can give you a coach's perspective, so we are bringing Tactics Corner back my friends. Lastly, #getgashamyoutofthedoghouse

    • Jj G
    • February 25, 2021

    Nice video God bless !

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    Why does Brad always have a different accent when he gets on camera? Favorite so far: Southern Trucker accent. Excited for the match analysis!!

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    What song was this?

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    You are the best coach javi!!!!!

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    Glory, Glory, Man United Mate. Mesut will be packing his bags for Manchester next

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    I met Christina @ the Advanced National! She rocks!

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    Just came across your channel and realized you’re a coach for Gardner Webb. Quality stuff on here! Played against you guys the last two seasons

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    Nice, good quality.

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    Coach your awesome!

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    Love the idea of breaking down BPL games! Can’t wait to see it. #getgashamyoutofthedoghouse Need to see some Gashamy pro table tennis, mate!

  11. Maybe you should also consider breaking down specific positions…. Not necessarily soon because you want to see who those videos are going to do. But it'll be awesome if you and Coach Brad maybe look at a player like Ozil for example and analyze his movement on and off the ball. Just a thought m8

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    coach i want to go to your college mate i really am thinking about moving over there ❤️⚽️

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    Those shoes in the beginning are killer mate! What are they?

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    Saludos…. Javi cómo estás brother

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