Playin Soccer: STAY POSITIVE! – Creative Technical Partner Passing Drills

Awesome Tip: STAY POSITIVE! – Creative Technical Partner Passing Drills

Music: Epidemic Sound.


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    Another session in the books and slowly improving our fitness, touch, and technique. Great question for today’s video as well. Keep putting those down below so that we can answer them in future videos!

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    Love the content!! What camera is it that you use? The quality is sick!

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    Hey coach thank you so much for this video I need help please at the place where am working right my teammates they always speak negative against me when ever I make a mistake n it leads of not performing well from the time that I started playing football I have been playing has a center back now deal the height I have they're have switch me to play right back n left back now I also struggle with something like moving forward with the both n playing am just good in defending but it comes to be involved playing it's very difficult for me so need your help on how I can improve both defending n attacking n I don't speed sometimes when I find a strike who has speed he beats me so easily what should I do to be come who I want to be come Davies mwansa from Zambia

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    Thank you! Made me smile

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    What laptop, editing software, camera and FPS do you film it?

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    where can i get the small rebounders that you used in the last couple drills?

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    Hi coach javi, is there another way a person can get recruited if they dont have a highlight video?

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    Great video

    • Matgk
    • February 17, 2021

    Grate vid and hard work

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    2:09 is he using the resistance band so he won’t fall forward? He’s not even stretching out the band when he moves forward to kick the ball….

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    Hi I was wondering if u know the name of the net u use in the 11s

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    awesome video

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    Good video that helped me realize something that i was stryggling with

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    Thanks to a freshman like me i really need so drills to help me to become a pro

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    Coach Javi getting that work in

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    Good video .

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