Playin Soccer: Speed Elastic | Tutorial

Awesome Tip: Speed Elastic | Tutorial

The forward elastico! We call it a Speed Elastic

Music: EXGF – We Are the Hearts

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Kontinuum – Lost (feat. Savoi) [NCS Release]


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  1. I love the way they teach in this tutorial

  2. I love your Chanel . good techniq

  3. is hard this trick, i can't not do it and i have your socks AllAttack.

  4. I suggest u dont do this move often if your knees aren't strong.

  5. Please stay how to do rainbow flickup

  6. Great work

  7. Thank you, All Attack!

  8. What is the name of opening song

  9. Wow

  10. I got inspiration from u every time I see u

  11. please show us messi 's all trick

  12. Sky of won

  13. i prefer to do the la croteqa down the line

  14. Nice tutorial for increase speed

  15. Nice dude

  16. How to increase stamina

  17. A good defender would block the line completely

  18. increing shooting power and acurricy

  19. i cant do it while running

  20. Very easy for my friend my friend have so many trick

  21. Nice 1

  22. of course he does WOW i cant he did all of these cool videos this is why i watch this everyday thank you

  23. Knuckle ball

  24. Can You maka a tutorial "play like dybala"

  25. I prefer la croqueta

  26. Love your tutorials. Keep it up!

  27. thanks bro can you do defending

  28. Makeing every skill easy

  29. Awesome trick

  30. Very easy skills but effective

  31. Coool

  32. I like this skill

  33. will u pls put up a video of air elastico

  34. this song is great

  35. I'm a potato

  36. your teaching style is best good

  37. Allattack I know how to do an elastico. I put my foot in the middle and I did an elastico

  38. You are an amazing youtuber you've helped me a lot

  39. Ronaldo fenomeno .. The best

  40. Great Job AllAttack!Keep the good work going!!

  41. plss show the hocus pocus

  42. All attack I am a play soccer player who played for little while.What skill moves are crucial and easy?

  43. pogba is the best

  44. We want freekicks videos man 🙂

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