Playin Soccer: Soccer Drills To Improve Your Touch and Technical Ability In 20 Minutes (Game Day Session)

Awesome Tip: Soccer Drills To Improve Your Touch and Technical Ability In 20 Minutes (Game Day Session)

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    Hey everyone, don't forget to sign up for my upcoming camp in Chicago! Go to coachjavicamps.com to get registered!

  2. Reply

    Great simple, effective session. Please do some videos on session preparation as mentioned. Thank you coach!

    • LJ
    • February 3, 2021

    Where do you buy your equipment? Would love to get the resistance band and the agility sticks?
    I would hope you have an affiliate link so you would get commission haha

  3. Reply

    Yh coach Javi give us a walk through into how you plan your sessions

  4. Reply

    Just found the channel, this is great

  5. Reply

    I always wondered if it was your sole decision of what gets worked on or is it a joint decision between player and coach? Good session coach!

  6. Reply

    this is a great video coach javi but I was wondering if you could make a training video for defenders like myself and how to Improve defense skills

  7. Reply

    Yes please make those videos

  8. Reply

    Yeah! I'd like to see what that looks like (planning your sessions). As well as all the aspects a player must improve on to be a complete player❤️️⚽️️

  9. Reply

    Please make a video on planning sessions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really need that. That way we all can work smarter.

  10. Reply

    Javi what are your thoughts on the U.S. not qualifying. whats next for the U.S. ?

  11. Reply

    Please make a video of how you plan your sessions

  12. Reply

    yes totally, from a coaches point of view. How do you plan the sessions? Thats great if you can go from start to end. Great for players and great for coaches to see these drills and use them.

  13. Reply

    Hey I’m 17 years old and a senior in high school, I consider myself to be a good player only problem is I’m on the bigger side and I’m slow, I have 1 month until Varsity training starts, I need to get fast as soon as possible, any tips?

  14. Reply

    Coach Javi you been working out

  15. Reply

    Very interested

  16. Reply

    Make a vid on how and what goes into planning the sessions please?

  17. Reply

    what exactly do the players you coach eat to be match ready ?? Can you make a video on that?

  18. Reply

    Do it coach javi

  19. Reply

    Yeah do it

  20. Reply

    Video on analysis of a match leading to planning of a session. Awesome video Coach. COYG!!!!

  21. Reply

    These video is so good man, keep it up, and also i would like to see a video where you show us how to prepare a week before an important game, with the drills and training sessions that you wpuld normally do

  22. Reply

    where did you get those mini goals and what are they called?

    • f 3
    • February 3, 2021

    Watch how the player is always bouncing on his toes even in the simple passing drill at the start. Little things like that I what makes a player great. Nice video again coach!:)

  23. Reply

    Yes !!!

  24. Reply

    Hey everyone! Anyone interested in a video on how I plan the sessions, what goes on in my head, and how I make sure the players get the best training when they come out to train with me?

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