Playin Soccer: Soccer Drills to Improve Passing Accuracy!

Awesome Tip: Soccer Drills to Improve Passing Accuracy!

Here are some exercises that can be done to work on passing accuracy and technique. The last exercise wasn’t a finishing exercise, but rather a test to see the accuracy and placement of the player. I called out the color I wanted her to hit and she tried to place the ball in that corner. Great session to help a player focus on looking up, finding the pass, and making a properly-weighted pass.

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    Good pactis⚽ sirji

    • A J
    • February 7, 2021

    Good session ….she is on her heels a bit makes her seem a step off a bit …..if she gets on her "toes" a bit more she'll be a bit more reactive.

  3. Reply

    This training drill can improve my weakfoot as well.

  4. Reply

    what angle is your aerial passing wall set at?

  5. Reply

    Keep up the great sessions. Thanks for responding sir!!

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    Another great individual session sir. Love the fact that every thing is about technical ability. I'm using these drills this week. Thank you sir!!!!!

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    What r those bars called?

  8. Reply

    workout to improve speed plz

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