Playin Soccer: Soccer Drills to Improve Footwork and Ball Control – Plus Coach vs Player Challenge!

Awesome Tip: Soccer Drills to Improve Footwork and Ball Control – Plus Coach vs Player Challenge!

Did a session that focused on a lot of touches, lots of quick footwork, and ended with a fun challenge that ended up being a competition between the player and I. It is good to go back to the basics and practice coerver work and different ball control exercises.

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By The Croft by Joakim Karud
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    Love your video they help a lot

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    Im doing the challenge with my kids haha

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    You are okay Thanks

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    Me gustan tus vídeos

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    Again proved players can't win by his coach. ⚽

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    Would it be possible to give me a sesh of work out

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    What if I don't have the equipments :p

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    Hey coach havi your videos are great and very clear, I was wandering what is it that you shoot it with?

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    Amazing I'll show this to my coach so we could work on this with my team

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    Outstanding drills coach

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    Im just saying I dont have all this shit

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    Nice excersices. (Buenos ejercicios)

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    Very nice footwork drills thank you

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