Playin Soccer: Soccer Drills To Improve – First Touch – Shooting – Speed And Agility

Awesome Tip: Soccer Drills To Improve – First Touch – Shooting – Speed And Agility

Here is a quick session I did during preseason to improve the player’s all around technical abilities. Incorporated some speed and agility work as well as some finishing at the end. Enjoy!

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  1. Reply

    Do you have a video of how to impress your coach at try outs? It's my junior year and I need to really impress my coach at tryouts

  2. Reply

    Coach javi, what clubs have you coached for?

  3. Reply

    Can you make a video on how to I individually train yourself as a striker

  4. Reply

    Hi I'm new to this channel!!?

  5. Reply

    Do more vlogs as well!

  6. Reply

    Very very very very nice

  7. Reply

    Question for the Q&A: How did you start coaching? What makes you a good coach?

  8. Reply

    Good work Javi!!! And good work a girl!!! Thank for a video!

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    I respect her for her hard work and effort, one day she will one of the best female players

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    Cheers for featuring our music coach ! 😀

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    Just so that you wont forget my question for the 20k, who's your favorite liga mx team? and what part of mexico do u originate from?

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    Glad I got your videos recommended, you've got a lot of energy and great relationships with your players. I've been coaching younger teams for about 5 years now, any advice on how to get in to high school or possible college coaching?

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    Did you go to the gym?

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    Coach Javi, I fucked my knee up during my last game we got playoffs after next game any tips for a speedy recovery ? Cant miss playoffs !

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    That side bar shot was disgustingly accurate. My mouth continues to stay wide open from the beginning of the video. Coach Javi, will you ever have a weak foot training video uploaded? I am looking for ways to strengthen my weak foot, as it will make me a great offensive asset on my team. Thanks for those videos, and I just completed my first construction of one of your tutorial walls. It is surprisingly really helpful in solo training sessions. Great videos mate.

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    Great video coach Javi!!! Keep them coming!!

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    Great Video Bro!

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    nice video coach javi

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    I didn't make highschool soccer as a freshman. However the coach did say if I worked on my touch I could probably make it next year. Any advice? I'm willing to put work in

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    What foot do u think the girl is?

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    Wow she's good, another star in the making coached by the one and only COACH JAVI! I wish my girlfriend was that committed and talented as her ;(

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    This looks like a very well prepared and organized session. Definitely going to have to try it myself 🙂

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    how long or many touches you run the first exercise with the resistance band.?

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    Nice video mate

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    Good drills even for a younger player to incorporate into their training.

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    Great Video! Like the drills a lot. Is this one of GW players? Do you guys as a program provide the players with these individual sessions?

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    Good drills man , Keep the videos coming

    • um
    • February 5, 2021

    Did you even go to the gym today coach?

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    NOTIFICATION SQUAD GET IN THERE!! I wanted to give you guys a break from the inside preseason series and do an individual session! Hope you like it!

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