Playin Soccer: Soccer Drills to Improve – Decision Making – Speed and Agility

Awesome Tip: Soccer Drills to Improve – Decision Making – Speed and Agility

Here are a few exercises that will help with decision making and quick thinking. I have also incorporated some speed and agility to for quicker feet and faster speed of play. Enjoy!

RedMoon & Meron Ryan – Heavyweight (Provided By NCS)

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Meron Ryan (Vocalist)
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    is there a way to requests a recreat to a game?

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    The second drill was excellent. But I don't have a personal trainer

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    Really great session sir!!! What college team you train? Would love to come watch a game. I also have some tremendous players. I think would adapt to your training. Thank you for any info

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    javi please do you have Facebook or contact info?

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