Playin Soccer: Soccer Drills – How Do Professionals Train After Intense Matches?

Awesome Tip: Soccer Drills – How Do Professionals Train After Intense Matches?

Hey guys, here is a session you can do when you are tired, after a big match, or with heavy legs. The emphasis is on light movements and a high amount of touches. Don’t focus on the speed or over train, just make sure the player is stretching properly and recovering through technical exercises.

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JJD – Halcyon (Provided by NCS)



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    Nice job coach, love these videos

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    Javi do you have any analysis or videos on how to read the game in a 433. Also where and how are players meant to move in a 433?

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    Javi how long was the entire session for? And what were the working and rest times for each exercise?

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    Hey coach javi your amazing can you make the next individual training video that you make be on how to make faster decisions

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