Playin Soccer: Soccer cone dribbling for beginner and intermediate players

Awesome Tip: Soccer cone dribbling for beginner and intermediate players

Features cone dribbling skills performed at half and full speed. Improve your technical ability to dribble around and through players by mastering these basic …


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    Is this the only thing he or she can do.

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    Thank u this going help for my tryout

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    From her legs and walk i see she is a girl

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    What should be the distance between two pieces?

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    Hey, can you show a video of how to do different kinds of drills became I try my best but my coach gets mad ??

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    Nice shoes 😉

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    What is Eprosoke Training Program? I have heard several awesome things about this popular training program.

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    Thank you for these videos! I was an athlete (basketball), but my son is a soccer player. These really help me to supplement his training. Again, many thanks.

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    Pretty good!

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    awesome,keep going!

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    Thanks gonna try it out

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