Playin Soccer: Soccer ball mastery workout –real time fast feet

Awesome Tip: Soccer ball mastery workout –real time fast feet

This video contains 15 soccer fast footwork drills, 30 seconds each, performed in real time. Improve your foot skills, ball mastery, and confidence with the ball by working out at home along with this high quality instructional video. The exercises in this video are intermediate level. Soccer homework pays off on the field! This workout will make you a better player if you do it every day. All it takes is a little over 10 minutes a day to improve your game.

Este video contiene 15 practicas de fútbol para mejorar tu técnica de driblar. Practica los ejercicios de driblar. Practica de fútbol en casa para pies mas rápidos. Mejora tu control y confianza con la pelota.

足球快速的步法 足球训练演习 足球功课 足球精通


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  1. What exactly is Episoketren System? How does this thing really work? I notice lots of people keep on speaking about this popular training program.

  2. Ive been using this for over a month and it has been really helpful

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  4. What is the best way to become a better player? I read a lot of good opinions on the net about how Episoketren System can help you improve your soccer skills. Has anybody tried this popular training course?

  5. i

  6. Does Episoketren System really help to improve your soccer technique? I have learn many good things about this popular training course.

  7. Need to eventually wear your soccer boots dong this. It is a totally different feel for the sole of the foot touches where applicable. Great overall session though. Coerver Ball mastery 101 and 202 rolled up into one.

  8. this is so hellpful. I have more than one google acout and on each one I like your videose and subscribe

  9. Ah done wait what I have to do Base ball now, oh brother

  10. love the music!

  11. that's what I have been looking for for a long time, basic skills that will make you progress over the time! thanks!!!!

  12. WE LOVEEEE COERVER COACHING but in Greece we are very Good (pls don't tell me again "BITCH Italia destroyed u " coerver will make new greek people with talents…..

  13. I did most of the drills for at least 2 minutes. Is that okay?

  14. Tysm this vid was really helpful and thanks to this I managed to score 6 goals easily in a match. The score ended in 8-4.

  15. Foundation right foot wrong spot tap , still how its controlled without rolling afore

  16. you would not survive a real game of soccer,nothing useful in this video!

  17. Put a beep sound when the drill is over

  18. You are gril

  19. Is a girl?

  20. the music is annoying; don't like clarinet; you all understand that the creator of all these foot touches is Weil Coerver, right?

  21. Awesome skills

  22. Tomorrow 1000 roll overs only promise

  23. Nice

  24. Love the way you made this video, clear, smart, easy to learn.

  25. this is a work out for me becase l am a soccer player and l now have really fast feet

  26. Good music. I like the rythym of the work out. Gonna use with high school girls. Good job.

  27. Lol the music made me laugh

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