Playin Soccer: SKILLS & PRECISION: Jump, dribble and mini-goal targetting 🥅

Awesome Tip: SKILLS & PRECISION: Jump, dribble and mini-goal targetting 🥅

After a day off, the first team returned to individual training at the Ciutat Esportiva in what was the fourth session of the week, and a workout similar to the previous three for each of the players.


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  1. Reply

    3:55 Griezzman es argentino papá

  2. Reply

    I am happy to see Luis Suarez back

  3. Reply

    Do not give up and do not sell Artur Melo please, he still has a lot to help the team. And neither is Grizzman a great player and goes a long way in these Barcelona teams

  4. Reply

    Glad to see L. Suarez back

  5. Reply

    Es la primera vez en mas de 3 años que veo a los jugadores correr en un entrenamiento.

  6. Reply

    Arthur out of shape like always @ 2:57

  7. Reply

    It is a nice things,barca is back, suarez is back and everyone

  8. Reply

    Saya dari indonesia sangat mengidolakan messi meskipun saya tidak tau messi langsung tapi saya sangat ingin tau dia.
    Skil yang luar biasa . Sampai jumpa im indonesia

  9. Reply

    Suarez fan's miss you so much, time to start your weapons to rivals team. Visca Barcelona fan's

  10. Neto es una lagrima

  11. Reply

    Good night

  12. Reply

    Well done

  13. Reply

    I hope Griezmann shines when matches resume <3

    • 666
    • February 21, 2021

    Esto es un paripé lamentable….

  14. Please where is Umtiti…

  15. Reply

    I love Messi the way he pass and play

  16. Reply

    Where is Lautaro ? lol… sign him already. Sell griezmann before his value keeps going down. We don’t need him. He can’t score at all, he chokes on big games, like he did in el clásico where he literally didn’t do anything but to miss a clear chance. Sign el chino avila too… we need strong players like him.

  17. Reply

    We want that team back

  18. 0-4 anfield never forget

  19. Reply

    Pique el más lento de todos y x favor Quique Setien pon a trabajar duro a éstos Ferraris que corren como Golf

  20. Reply

    Arthur overweight again…my gosh!!

  21. Reply

    Bundesliga will start today, when will laliga start

  22. Reply


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