Playin Soccer: Simple Soccer Drills You Can Do On Your Own For Ball Control! Vlog and Training Session!

Awesome Tip: Simple Soccer Drills You Can Do On Your Own For Ball Control! Vlog and Training Session!

Boom. Vlog and training session in 1! Hope you guys like it! Stay Connected On Social Media: Instagram: Facebook: …


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    90% of preparation for a game is mental give 100 percent during the game fine tune during practice

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    yes love the format

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    What team do u play for

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    What team does he play for?

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    Wouldn't recommend drinking Monster Energy Drinks or Gatorade. Far more healthier alternatives out there. Great drills though.

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    Coach Javi rocks!! Awesome drills Coach, going to try them tomorrow for sure. Pura vida

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    Are u a pro??

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    666 likes lol

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    hey coach javi how long should I workout in the gym for?

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    Great video. I learned three new things in this one. 1. You are a very good driver. 2. I see those juggling skill, they are legitimate. 3. You are a very good person for Little young footballers or soccer players to model themselves after. Bravo Coach Javi

    Those bars that you always eat and the truth, I 100% percent agree with you they have a lot of flavor to be so healthy.

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    Brilliant way of incorporating your home life, drills, and background story all into one video as well as using sharp camera quality. Looking forward to more videos.

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    I love this format. I can see how others might now but I suggest to add the video time of the training session in the description. Everybody wins!

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    how could one deal with too much pressure from his/her coach in a game?

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    great stuff Javi! love the content

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    I like the vids man…congrats on growing and gaining subscribers. I'm looking to start doing some similar videos. A suggestion and some vids that I would like to see more of would be a highlight video/game footage of some of your games and have you talk about what you see and why you made certain decisions/what you should've done. You could also give your opinion on certain cleats and training equipment/what's in my soccer bag and talk about your most commonly used gear. Something along those lines and my apologies if you've already done something similar. I've only seen a few vids and still watching some other ones. Check out Matt Sheldon and his brand Become Elite. Both of you guys can learn from each other, but keep up the awesome vids.

    • acWYA
    • February 16, 2021

    What black out Nike boot is it that you're wearing?

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    Nice video and good drills. Grande Javi.

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    bueno Trabajo coach JAVI. Your videos help me coach my U16 girls team always looking to improve my training session. El pan Mexicana es muy bueno tambiem.lol.
    coach Felix

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    Great video

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    What do you use to edit?

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    I don't really like this format, I like you vlogging in one vid, then a training session in the a other vid, this makes it easier for the viewers as they can tell easily if the vid is a vlog or about football sessions

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    I wanted to ask the same question @Road to Pro. 'also you ever thought of making programs like for individual players to do in the off season or alone in general?' Maybe creating a program for everyday training (or at least 6 times a week) for players in a summerbreak or winterbreak. Or create one video with different training excercises video's from you to do in in a week. So you have every week (or 2 weeks or something) a new video with new training stuff during the off season. I would love to see that Coach! I'm enjoying you're great video's and I use them every single day. Keep up the good work! You are my hero. @Javi Bautista 🙂

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    Great video keep it up.

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    yes mate like this format

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    Hey, coach, the vlog was great again. I really find the tips you give insightful. Wanted to find out how long you think should you train on your technique if you train daily (Excluding game days)?

  26. gonna give this a try this Sunday instead of taking a day off (only took 2 days off from soccer in last 5 weeks) nice and light, also you ever thought of making programs like for individual players to do in the off season or alone in general? pretty sure people will be willing to pay you for that! i know i would.

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  29. I'll be back in a second, once it's in 1080P

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