Playin Soccer: Should You Play High School Or Club Soccer When Getting Scouted?

Awesome Tip: Should You Play High School Or Club Soccer When Getting Scouted?

Hey everyone! Just some thoughts on a question that was recently asked and some extra stuff. How are you guys still liking the vlogs? Let me know down below!

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  1. It really depends.-in the context of where you live etc.

    In my situation, the coach I was introduced to has such an arrogant and stubborn mindset to the point where every game they play they lose by 4+ goals. He has a high reputation for coaching the girls, but how he coaches the boys is not disciplined enough to the point where they do their own things which led to their loses. The players have so much potential-like literally…they're very advanced-, but how the coach setups the plays and technicality of the game is just not right. Also, his relationships with each player is non-existent. Not only that, it's very expensive here in America for any type of club where even the best can't get recognized and it shows. You may not see any high school players get scouted, but you surely won't see America be in the World Cup, nonetheless…win.

    On the other side, my high school coach is very coachable to every player and I see significant improvement from even beginners. We almost won state and won multiple tournaments and scrimmages. We couldn't have done it without our high school coach actually knowing what he's doing on and off the field. Not only that, we only have to pay $75 for the whole school year. Most importantly, I actually had fun and I felt challenged.

    All I can say is, you can do both or one of the other if you see it as beneficial or not.

  2. Got unto my middle schools team and the opponents were questionable. I played club for 2 months in the fall so i was only there for the off season and now im lookinv forward to try out for my HS team. Then hopefully i can go on to tryout for club……wish me luck

  3. I play club and Futsal at the same time and I’m joining high school so imma be playing in 3 teams

  4. High school football is just an unnecessary injury risk
    Edit: just realised this is american, Australia doesn’t have a big high school program

  5. When I go to highschool next year I'm gonna play highschool in the fall and club in the spring

  6. If u play wit a club that plays all year long, does that mean u skip a grade in hs?

  7. It depends on where you live. General consensus, Club over high school. If your high school is rubbish then you'll get no looks from college coaches even if you are a good player. College coaches want to see you play against the best possible opposition and see how you fair. Some lads do well in the high school set up but struggle at higher levels. Due to the fact that the coaching is low at the high school level, the players tactical and technical development is stunted during those months with the high school team. As we approach 2020, my advice is this, if your high school team is bang average and your coach is the science teacher, you better try and find a club that can give you a better chance.

  8. Does he scout players

  9. Who can get me job i coach ur team make them best yes

  10. The thing is My club isn't that good so My best bet is to Play for high school

  11. This is what i want thank you has long has they can contracted me in A club I am good. All I have to do is work harder

  12. If the goal is to be recruited by a COLLEGE, the High school soccer should be played by all players at the youth level. USSDA should create a schedule around high school schedules. This is America not Europe

  13. As an adult I enjoy soccer, but I'm not sure I want to steer my son towards it. It seems that the time investment is much higher compared to other sports (esp in order to have a chance at the higher levels). I think part of that is just that soccer is an overall harder sport (more variables).

    For ex, I am 40 yrs old, and I've never played football. But I just played in a flag football league and within a few games I was the best scorer and had most interceptions on my team. I had the least experience (none). Now, if it were soccer I know there's no way a 40 yr old with no experience would be competitive after a few games. If you have speed and agility you can be decent in a football rec league. But soccer requires way more.

    I'm taking an objective look at all sports, assessing which one's are most sustainable and also will be a good fit for my kid (he's only 5 yrs old). I think soccer requires certain attributes that are different than other sports (for ex, height can be an asset in basketball but offers no real advantage for soccer).
    Also- if a kid's dream is a be a pro athlete, he may have a better shot at other, less crowded sports. For ex, this Matt Boling kid (record breaking runner in high school, look him up, he's amazing) – if Matt played soccer he would have a hard time standing out nationally. But since he's in track, he's already a star and will likely run in the Olympics someday which we know can be very lucrative as we've seen in Usain Bolt, who prob makes as much as the biggest soccer stars. Yes, the chances of getting to that level in any sport is slim, but I think it takes way more time investment to get to say the Premier League, than to get to the Olympics in track. Track requires more genetic intagibles (and of course a lot of development) but Soccer requires way more development (if you add the up the total hours required over an entire childhood). Also – to become an MLS or EPL player you must basically start around age 5 or so to even have a chance, which I think is very sad. In every other sport one could start much older and still get to the highest levels.

    Just my 2 cents. I'm analyzing all this stuff now for my kid.

  14. I play club soccer for Pacesetter Soccer Club

  15. Do you really need school to play pro?

  16. ive played in the highest level club team in san diego ended up winning Nationals and then went onto the next level which would be the academy level and i can say that high school soocer is a total waste of time unless youre just trying to have some fun the only schools thatd recruit you would be community colleges

  17. If you dont play for a club or highschool team do you still have a chance to play for college and go pro?

  18. Is your dog ok or is he just injured

  19. my opinion is, theres times where you have a club charging out the but, and make it seem they’re a high level club. cant say a bad club team can beat a high school team bc ive played against a club team with my high school friends and beat them really bad to the point we werent allowed back on their schedule. i myself was scouted into a D2 school out of high school, used my money to put myself in college camps and learn more about what the program is about than the simple basic stuff a club might teach you.

  20. The academy around me is 2,700 dollars a year and the top level club is 1,600 and I’m in 8th grade so this year is crucial

  21. What college does he coach for ?

  22. I'm going to be playing both club and highschool. Even though my club is year round.

  23. Some of the best footballers got scouted while playing football with no boots and a ball made from yarn

  24. My parents can’t afford Soccer Clubs so I’m going to go to high school team (next year cause I’m still in primary school) I hope I could get recruited and what happens after they recruit you?Do you have to pay for a lot of things?

  25. I’m a freshman going into sophomore year and I think I’m pretty good at soccer and our HIGHSCHOOL coach for soccer focused more on just running and conditioning and not how we play on the field while my CLUB coach in clarkstown soccer club focuses a lot on how we are supposed to play in our positions and how we should play and incorporate our playing styles in games and still does a just a little bit of conditioning what do you recommend staying at highschool or club?

  26. Play Football like the rest of the world lol

  27. When a club holds “open practices “ what does that mean ?

    I’m trying to join a club and have no idea what that means.

  28. can someone tell me what are college talent Id camps

  29. Where do you get your customize shirt at?

  30. This channel is underrated

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