Playin Soccer: Should I Show You How I Built It? (Non-Soccer Related Vlog)

Awesome Tip: Should I Show You How I Built It? (Non-Soccer Related Vlog)

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  1. Reply

    Javi what's your ethnicity

  2. Reply

    Saludos Coach Javi from Riverside Cali! Keep them videos coming both non soccer and soccer related. I find your non soccer related videos really entertaining and funny. The soccer ones are very informative and really fun too. About Mexico, we'll get them in the World Cup! Lol jugar como nunca y perder como siempre is our motto but we gotta change that lol. It's not too late for you to join the national team! Just send them some Sunday league tapes of how you burn the opposition!

  3. Reply

    when you do the next video can you not time laspe it and make a full uncut video thanks

  4. Reply

    Yes u should please. I want to build one too for my kids

  5. Reply

    Rebounder please with good thumbnail

  6. Reply

    Yes! That would be fantastic!

    • Tkbuc
    • February 25, 2021


  7. Reply

    yes do it quickly as possible coach

  8. bro you are getting a lot of subscribers because you have a very informative channel and people are starting to discover you! YouTube is not broken i can tell you that, also if you make a video on the rebounder and how to make it, put a nice attractive thumbnail and a good title, that video will get you some good views! i can tell you now! heard it here first!

  9. Reply

    Yes please, i would like a rabonder

  10. Reply

    Yes please, make a video for the rebounder!!

  11. Reply

    make the vid plz

  12. Reply

    Saludos coach Javi! Very good videos I used some of them with my U12 and they love those drills.

  13. Reply

    Please do one!! I want a make one!!

  14. Reply

    Magic! Good stuff! I think you gave me enough info to build it, but would ALWAYS welcome a tutorial because my craftsmanship sucks! lol! Love the song btw! Literally cracked up!

  15. Reply

    please make a video on how to make the rebounder

    • Kevin
    • February 25, 2021

    pleaaaaase make a video on how to make it !

  16. Reply

    I would love a video on how to build it

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