Playin Soccer: SHOOTING PRACTICE… Countdown to competition! 😏⏳

Awesome Tip: SHOOTING PRACTICE… Countdown to competition! 😏⏳

Josep Maria Bartomeu traveled to the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper this Saturday morning together with the CEO of FC Barcelona, ​​Òscar Grau. The president wanted to check on the health of staff and players, and to understand how the first couple of weeks back in training have gone. He has also spoke about on the start of competition, both in the league and the Champions League.


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    0:23 It is a Corona Virus

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    Después de la temporada 14/15 solo hubo desgracias en Barcelona, ​​siendo vergonzosamente eliminado de la Champions varias veces. Sin mencionar la traición de Neymar de cambiar Barcelona por dinero

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    Barmanteo out…

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    As a great fan of Barcelona this year try harder to win Champion's league we were eagerly waiting for success

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    It's May 23rd not 23th

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    0:23 RUN(meme)

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    Decided to skip the video when I see Bartomeu’s appearance

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    Bartomeu out

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    3:08 love suarez and robertos reaction on busquets hitting top bins

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    Let’s go barca

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    Bartomeu OUT con su banda de ladrones emboscados blancos y adoradores pesebristas!!!

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    busquets score goals just in training hhh

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    Hey what happened last year : corner taken quickly , ORIGIIIIIIIII

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    Barca can win double this nomad season

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    Great video. Wow, it made me feel like going out and do some shooting practice myself.

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    Barca looks stronger after the lockdown

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    140 Dislikes maybe this is because Bartomeu showed up in the video

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    From kerala

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