Playin Soccer: 🎯 Shooting drills in training

Awesome Tip: 🎯 Shooting drills in training

The first-team were hard at work at Ciutat Esportiva this evening demonstrating their pin-point shooting accuracy, something Antoine Griezmann was delighted to show off to his teammates!


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  1. Reply

    barselona vs lewante 9-0

  2. Reply

    Anyone tried the Episoketren System (search on google)? I've heard many awesome things about this popular training course.

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    How effective is Episoketren System? I have noticed several awesome things about this popular training program.

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    How many yards were they out when they were lobbing the ball into the small goals? Anyone know?

  5. Reply

    Look at the bend from Messi 1:52

  6. Reply

    I am Elvis can I play for y’all

  7. Reply

    coolest sound track , wish i knew the title

  8. Reply

    Anyone knows the song name?

  9. Reply

    Name of the song ??

  10. Reply

    Barcelona dark age

  11. Reply

    griezmann is legend he is just having bad days , once he said i'm on the same level with messi and ronaldo

  12. Reply

    Why they always put some music with the training vedios. I don't like it at all. I want to hear the real voice of the players.

  13. Reply

    Umtiti benched please

  14. Reply


  15. Reply

    Why didn't he do it in the clasico

  16. Reply

    First song?

  17. Reply

    Someone knows the name of the first song

  18. Reply


  19. Reply

    Bunch of losers who feel they're untouchable… "Messi's club di amigo" yll better change ur attitude towards the coaches and work hard…

  20. Reply

    We look unstoppable in trainings in games we look like clowns in front of goal

  21. Reply

    Even i am die hard messi fan,
    I am against the player who angry with Sarabia, if this club listen fan voice, please brave to replace those slopy old player who are now below their level and give youngster more chace like man utd did now, this season they are cetainly below their level but man u is rebuilding now, setien do not hesitate to give right player to start game

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