Playin Soccer: Sergio and Jordi Alba join the group

Awesome Tip: Sergio and Jordi Alba join the group

A rainy day in Barcelona, but that didn’t stop the first team training session at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper. A few minutes before 11 in the morning, heavy rain suspended the workout for a while, but after the storm had passed the players that were available could train without a problem on Pitch 2. Sergio and Jordi Alba re-joined the group after fulfilling their commitment with the Spanish national team, and in addition, Araujo, Collado, Riqui Puig and Saverio from Barça B, as well as Tenas and Ansu Fati from U19A, also joined the session.
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    • YKH
    • February 13, 2021

    Welp, great to see everyone bitching about Valverde using De Jong as a "winger" in a video welcoming Busquets and De Jong back to training. So uh, belatedly: Busquets scored a lovely goal and was great. Alba was great too. Loved that sliding in the rain moment at the beginning lol. Also, De Jong wasn't playing as a "winger," he was playing as a left interior high on the pitch, similar to what Iniesta used to do. His most stand-out skill is ball progression and he does that as a DM for the Dutch national team, but that is not what the DM at Barcelona does. When a player joins a legacy club with a very particular style like Barcelona and he is not brought in as the focus of the team (b/c that is Messi), he plays how the club needs him to play, not the other way around. If he has quality (and he clearly does), he'll succeed. So stop freaking out.

  1. Hola y gracias y saludos cordiales desde Mallorca para vosotros FCB

  2. C'est vraiment magnifique

  3. Busquets skinniest man Alive

  4. nasu fati.. wow

  5. Strongg

  6. Nous on

  7. Valverde Out Out

  8. Katalunya udan kog bekasi rung udan

    • ^^^
    • February 13, 2021

    stop uploading these videos. its the same shit every day

  9. What song at the start

  10. Ansufati

  11. Won't they get sick?

  12. The background tune is just fucking dope!!3:58 mnt. Title anyone??By the way Valverde leaveeee, pelease!!

  13. Valverde has 4 brain cells

  14. Месси , вообще посещает тренировки?

  15. Trio MSG ♥️

  16. welcome back Lionel mess training Barcelona Not go

  17. Big babies, sliding in the rain

  18. Vamossss Barca

  19. Were is messi


  21. Boa Brasil

  22. During this season many fans will move to different clubs because of Valverde.

  23. Where is messi?

  24. How on earth we will face Man city or PSG…

  25. visca barca

    • ANi
    • February 13, 2021

    Is Messi angry taht neymr didn't come ?
    And won't play any game

  26. Follow. Ansu fati

  27. A day will come where senior players will regret their decision to support Valderde. Hope it comes sooner when Messi still has prime years left.

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  29. Vamos Barca

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