Playin Soccer: #SERG10 | Busquets tested on 10 years at Barça

Awesome Tip: #SERG10 | Busquets tested on 10 years at Barça

On the tenth anniversary of the midfielder’s debut for the first team, we see how much he remembers of his best moves for the club

Sergio Busquets made his first team debut on 13 September 2008. Under the orders of coach Pep Guardiola, the midfielder -then using 28 as his shirt number- shone in a 1-1 draw against Racing Santander.

Ten years on, and now one of the team’s captains, Busquets looks back on some of his best moments in a special quiz. Using a tablet with videos playing, we test him on how much he remembers of each specific move. Watch on and see how he did!

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    • YKH
    • February 8, 2021

    Super random but I kind of like listening to the Catalan players speak Catalan. Just don't get to hear that language very much.

  1. Reply

    Mi busy anda mal este 2019

  2. Reply

    His skills are truly legendary

  3. Reply

    Si no hubiera estado este señor en el barça no habriamos ganado el triplete que grande eres busi un jugador super infravalorado y muy humilde dentro y fuera del campo nunca nadie va a poder agradecerte todo lo que hiciste para este club eres un ejemplo a seguir se que te queda poco recorrido en este club te vamos a echar mucho de menos eres un crack

  4. he is wicked good and a genious

  5. Reply

    haven't seen him play in different club

  6. Reply


  7. Reply

    it is good Barcelona engines .

  8. Reply

    Поставьте сюда много лайков что бы не русские думали что я написал что то умное

    • Zoza
    • February 8, 2021

    Busquets should be 91 rated in FIFA

  9. Reply

    Aguante vidal la ctmreee

  10. Reply


  11. Reply

    Estaria bueno que lo tradujeran al español

  12. Reply

    Siusplau no cambieu l’escut

  13. Reply

    Thats the noice from let go

  14. Reply


  15. Reply

    En Cataluña 7,523 millones de habitantes y suponiendo que todos hablan catalan. Ahora, en español al menos hay 560 millones de hablantes en el mundo. Se que tienen problemas de identidad y su retrograda educacion nacionalista de siglo 15, pero al menos pongan los subtitulos oficiales.

  16. Reply

    el mejor 5 del mundi

  17. Reply

    The best diver

  18. Reply

    World class player

  19. Reply

    El mejor contención

  20. Reply

    busi n arthur will have good chemistry ⚗️

  21. Reply

    Melhor volante do mundo

    • FMB
    • February 8, 2021

    No entendí un choto de catalan, porqué no lo hace en español? pdt soy argentino

  22. Reply

    The most underrated player in the history football!!

  23. Reply

    Mario sube el camino :V

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