Playin Soccer: Self Isolation Training – Speed Ladder

Awesome Tip: Self Isolation Training – Speed Ladder


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  1. Reply

    Tou y toop

  2. Reply

    Hey coach great videos where do you get your background music so I can use in my highlight video

  3. Reply

    Fantastic idea Coach! As a PE teacher I can adapt this to one of my own PE videos for my students. How about another one of these videos, but incorporate your rebounder. I made one at the beginning of the Stay-at -Home order.

  4. Reply

    Innovative haha

  5. Reply

    What camera are you using coach ?

  6. Reply

    Is he reading comments?

  7. Reply

    Great job coach Javi!!
    The multi color ladder is fantastic!

  8. Reply

    thank you for the video coach, definitely going to try and implement this on my channel for sure.

  9. Reply

    He so quick with it

  10. Reply

    You need to look up more and have your legs more high

  11. Reply

    This video dosent derserve dislike hes making as train at home with this hard times

  12. Reply

    You know you’re living in Michigan when 63 degrees outside is considered hot

  13. Reply

    Great video thank you coach Javi

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