Playin Soccer: Self Isolation Training – Coervers

Awesome Tip: Self Isolation Training – Coervers


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    Boom! Let's get into it. Today's exercise is a few simple coerver variations. The idea is to manipulate the ball with different parts of your feet to feel more comfortable when playing in a match. I know they're simple, but remember, you can never outgrow the basics. Let's get it!

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    Ik this is weird but do you play at Olympic Park in Schaumburg, Illinois?

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    Good vid bro im on the grind

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    Hi Coach Javi, I have been following your videos for a while and wonder if you will make a video on what college recruiters look for in a goalie. And maybe react to some highlights films. I’m searching for a college myself from fall of 2021 and I believe there are many goalies out there who wants a perspective from a pro recruiter like yourself. Anyways love your videos, keep up the amazing work you are doing!:)

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    As a Dutch person, it makes me so proud to see that Wiel Coervers drills are still being used. Thank you:)

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    Coach Javi, have you coached any of your players who have had an ACL and Meniscus surgery and have gone to play at a collegiate level? My kid is currently recovering from this type of surgery. Curious on how Coaches view players who have had these types of injuries and or surgeries. Is this like a bad mark on the player(s).

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    What college do you coach ??

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    Thanks javi

    This channel is underrated

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    Love you brother ❤️❤️

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    Thank you coach Javi this is going to help keep my training going

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