Playin Soccer: Second training session to prepare the Cup final against Valencia

Awesome Tip: Second training session to prepare the Cup final against Valencia

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    Viber dp

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    انشاء الله برشلونة تفوز

  4. There is no room in FCB for arrogant players like Rakitic who plays over others without deserve it.
    No hay lugar en el FCB para jugadores prepotentes como Rakitic que además juega sin merecerlo antes que otros.

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    Where’s Luis Suarez

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    Valverde out!

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    Valverde out!

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    Valverde out!

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    Mañana Barsa gana y sale campeón pero jugando como la ostia!! Valverde Style!

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    Lionel Messi xh

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    Messi sucks

    midget fraud

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    Barcelona is now new PSG… shit in champions league… because of this manager

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    Semedo is not good enough for Barca . Pavard is like alves

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    I think Barça will lose. Because,first Valverde don't out. Second without Coutinho and Suarez play difficult. Fan barça i hope barca i guess

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    Semedo titular, pero se que la cabesa hueca de valverde no lo pondrá…. semedo in the first 11 but i know valverde wont put him. Valverde out

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    Valverde out
    Valverde out
    Valverde out
    Please you have to resign and we don't need you next season again.

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    اكو عرب في طيار

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    If we win copa del Rey and Valverde is going to stay then I will prefer to lose copa del Rey final and let that average coach Valverde out next season

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    Good luck and all the best guys Gid bless you all, but I want that useless, brainless unworthy average coach Valverde out next season

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    next season knocked out by man city

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    Valverde Out

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    Sane better than Griezman saga

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    hows dembele

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    Where's Cancelo?

    • Anonymous
    • March 26, 2021

    Valvarde fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  27. نشاللة يفوزون برشلونه او بس

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    Sack Valverde

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    Valverde out

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    Sack valverde

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    Valverde out

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    valverde is magician. he broke all things of barca. the beauty, strenth, dignity, devine all were crushed last week. i hate v.a.l.v.e.r.d.e you fool idi*t you fail. you loser.

    • G K
    • March 26, 2021

    0-3 and 0-4
    we still remember

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    The only thing that will make me forget the defeat is when they sack that coach.

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    valencia 4 barça 0

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    Love u Messi.. ……keep smiling champ…..

    • Z. A
    • March 26, 2021

    Samuel umtiti out, nelson semedo out, ousmane dembele out, philippe coutinho out, kevin prince boateng out.
    Welcome to de ligt, frenkie de jong and antoine griezmann, barca will treble winner 2020

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    Please sack valverde

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