Playin Soccer: Second day of INDIVIDUAL TRAINING after sports supension

Awesome Tip: Second day of INDIVIDUAL TRAINING after sports supension

The football first team completed on Saturday their second individual session as set out in the La Liga protocol following on from Friday’s first session.


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  1. Reply

    The best club in the world ❤❤❤

  2. Reply

    That Neto is sexy and handsome

  3. Reply

    Bartomeu Out con todos sus ladrones emboscados pesebristas!!!

  4. Reply

    Really miracle about god messi

  5. Reply

    ¿Y ousmane dembele?

  6. Reply

    I just came here to see messi without beard xd

  7. Reply

    Love to cee the boys back again

  8. Reply

    im in love with barca guys im very excited to see it again!

  9. Reply

    Vidal looks different without his normal hair cut

  10. Reply

    Is something wrong with Suarez. His running looks odd.

  11. Reply

    Messi is an emotion <3 The GOAT

  12. Reply

    Mesii seems to come back to his younger bersion if u remember that haircut :))

  13. Reply

    from a man city

    cant wait to leo messi back

  14. Reply

    I hate it when i see this useless old players except messi

  15. Reply

    Can't wait to see neymar here in few months…

  16. Урааа барса

  17. Reply

    @FC Barcelona is it true that Umtiti got injured during training yesterday or day before ??? and is it true that he's out for 3 to 4 weeks ???

  18. Reply

    Arthur out

  19. Reply

    Continue the anthem

  20. I think the break came in the right moment for us. Many players needed a break to think about the things more important than football to come back fit now

  21. Reply

    One man leo messi

  22. Reply

    Fans f c Barcelona like me

  23. Reply

    Surprising were not seeing 99.9% of training spent on useless rondos. Fuck the virus I guess

  24. Reply

    I hope Umtiti is not injured for months

  25. Reply

    Read this Comment if you Truly Love ❤️ Leo Messi

  26. Reply

    Rakitic out! Monchu In!

  27. Reply

    Happy to see them

  28. Reply


  29. Reply

    Wow amazing

  30. Reply

    Wich barca B player will score first goal for the barca majour team
    Ansu or Monchu: like
    Puig, Ajuro, collado: comment.

  31. Reply

    Umtiti is injured.

  32. Reply

    Best team in the world Barcelona Messi Messi Messi

  33. Reply

    Cant wait for lionel messi❤

  34. Reply

    Can't wait to see Suarez under Seiten

  35. Reply

    I love their masks. The Covid 19 is airborne.

  36. Reply


  37. Reply

    Jordi Alba first you start practicing how to finish man. Please.

  38. Reply

    I think you should livestream the training as well, everyone is bored af this quarantine, watching Barca train will make so many people's day 😀

  39. Reply

    Suárez ❤

  40. Reply

    Messi ❤

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