Playin Soccer: Scoring on a Counter Attack! | The Breakdown

Awesome Tip: Scoring on a Counter Attack! | The Breakdown

Music: Konac – Home [NCS Release]


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    Please make the vedio for charge the player

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    fenomenal counter attack! great chemistry from those players! cr7 – js park – wayne rooney – cr7 (goal)…!!!

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    brilliant video

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    I like this video it is very helpful for me I have a doubt how keep the ball close to our foot and hit a successful goal

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    How a fast CF should move on the field

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    Excuse me, I'm a junior high school student in Taiwan, and I really really want to become a professional footballer.I talked with my coach at school yesterday,the answer depressed me a lot.He said that it is too late for me as those teams won't pick me because I'm too old and was not trained in their systems, nearly impossible, he said.
    Just to let you know, Taiwan is a place where football isn't considered as something important(no pro teams,too),and we don't have agents,too.
    I really want to know what should I do.Thank you.

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    Hey man, I am confused with what position I should go with…Help me out pls…

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    Rabona kick

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    Are you pro?

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    damn u make such great vids 😀

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    hey all attack. I'm proud to say I've been with a year with you guys.I am trying out for a soccer team today.I want to thank you for your videos.Wish me luck

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    God I love this channel

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    can you show running waka waka

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    i know you guys are so busy but please upload a new video

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    how to improve my shooting? (technique, how to make it stronger etc)

    very impressing channel. Found it today and already watched nearly every video of you Guys! Keep up the good work!

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    Pls do tutorial

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    do as many think fast videos please , really really helpful…love the videos!!:D

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    where do u live

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    are you guys going to do more vidieos

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    when u gonna make another video

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    upload more bro plz

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    I've been having problem lately juggling

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    hi all attack plc reply

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