Playin Soccer: Scored The Game Winner In Sunday League! Isak's Match Footage!

Awesome Tip: Scored The Game Winner In Sunday League! Isak's Match Footage!


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  1. Hey guys, first of all do me a huge favor and subscribe to Xander’s channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6jN6wG-S4uAddFNB91mwiw
    He’s the reason we had Sunday league this week! Also, what do you think about Isak’s match footage??

  2. Milner before Kane, really!?

  3. Haha funny, I play in the same position and I have been watching the history of your videos for a while, you know.. just trying to catch up. And I've thought, Isak seems like a great winger but never actually thought he would be a full back and pretty good one actually. Coach Javi, thanks for all the work you put into your channel. It helps a lot man

  4. What team is isak

  5. Hey Coach Javi, let's see your sunday league stats from Titan! (I know you've worn it….)

  6. Was up bro! Quick question I’d be happy if you could answer it! But what’s a good stretching technique or is their something I can do to loosen up my calves? Every time I try playing or simply go on a jog my calves kill me! They get super tight to the point I have to stop:/

  7. Idk. You try to play to pretty

  8. Excellent video my man.

  9. Refere GoPro footage yes

  10. How do I watch d1 soccer on my device, i live in canada and ncaa sports are never broadcasted

  11. Referee cam yeah buddy

  12. How come you don’t record with your drone?

  13. number 7 for blue was garbage, how is he even playing collegiate soccer? lol

  14. Great work there… #RumoAosEua #YoutubersBoleiros

  15. Isak plays same position as me

  16. The little kids dad at the beginning of the video Coached me and Scouted me at the ODP Region camp in Alabama a couple of years ago

  17. Let's see the refaree point on view

  18. Not subbing cuz of that disgusting man city shirt

  19. Yes, footage would be nice

  20. Release GoPro ref footage

  21. Good fliming mate lol

  22. I know Krzysztof ksielewski

  23. those goal in the sunday league match seem tiny

  24. Any update on the PDF? And can we get a quick run through of what exactly is in it again?

  25. That Gardner Webb soccer jacket is clean where can I get one coach Javi

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