Playin Soccer: Scoop Turn | Tutorial

Awesome Tip: Scoop Turn | Tutorial

Scoop turn Tutorial! We are scoop turning. The overpowered FIFA skill everyone!


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AllAttack is dedicated to showcasing and teaching the attacking skills utilized by the world’s best players. The world’s game has so many variations, there are so many different players with special skill sets, and that’s what makes it so great. Whether it be field intelligence, skill moves, passing, or finishing. Here we weekly break down the world class (or just things we think are cool) attacking attributes.


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  1. Reply

    U gotta re use this intro for the next video…fan request

  2. Reply

    that is by far the best intro ive ever seen

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  4. Reply

    Bro the intro was just Awesome

  5. Reply

    Finally I can dribble like Neymar

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    I like this guy

  8. Reply

    What am I watching?

  9. Reply

    damn these are great tutorials: clear, helpful, funny, and stylish editing/music

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    The intro is amazing

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    Can you do a videio about omar abudl rahman skills and specialy l want passes skills of this player

  12. Reply

    Help i can't keep balance while doing the scoop turn

  13. Reply

    Damn that intro

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    I can do scoop trun it a good skill like if u argeee

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    Good intro bro

    Like if u agree

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    Original Intro LIKE !!!!

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    Best intro ever

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