Playin Soccer: 🎥 SATURDAY SESSION: Goals galore in training match! ⚽⚽⚽

Awesome Tip: 🎥 SATURDAY SESSION: Goals galore in training match! ⚽⚽⚽

Ronald Koeman’s squad were again working hard this morning under the sun at Ciutat Esportiva, gearing up for the start of the brand new 2020/21 season. Watch the highlights of an intense session and end-to-end training match here!


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    If I am not mistaken this season all the fans of Barcelona are expecting high achievements from our most beloved FC. I hope that soccer players of BlauGranas didn't lose motivation this year too. Tasks in 2020/21 winning:
    1) The super cup of Spain
    2) 1st place in La Liga
    3) UEFA Champions League
    4) Copa del Rey.

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    who is excited for Pedri ?

  4. Reply

    2:18 why is Riqui just chilling there lol ?

  5. Reply

    un entrenamiento flojo y nada explosivo, por eso messi se quere ir a la mierda

  6. Reply

    We got the players, coach I hope you find the formula in the next month.

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    Warkop mirah rejeki jojoran Surabaya timur

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    Fan Barcelona

  9. Reply

    8-2 hahahahaha

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    Dembele best ♥️

  11. Reply

    Bamos basa

  12. Reply

    Bamos basa

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    Sir.i will ask you
    Please tell me
    Philippe Coutinho really back to the Barcelona?

  14. Reply

    Deberían calentar más

  15. Reply

    We will take revenge with whole Europe this time

  16. Reply

    We feel that players are more serious with Koeman as a coach. Let's hope that they will continue like this after Messi's return.

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    The line up this season should include Dembélé and Pouig. Make some room for fresh ideas

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    We are destroying teams this season

  19. Reply

    when did rafinha have those skills in his locker , and most of the team is on fire

  20. Vamos koeman

  21. Reply

    Porq no darle una segunda oportunidad a sueraz …saliendo del banco de suplentes

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    Goals also galored in the training before 8-2

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    Traigan a memphis

  25. Reply

    Coutinho is the best

  26. Reply

    I'm excited to see coutinho

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    I hate massi

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    구독자 1000만명 축하해요!

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    Where Messi

  30. Reply

    Bartomeu Out

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    Pique You better get out of Barcelona. from then until now you were useless at barca.

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    Messi-go to city

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    2:23 look at this kid. promote him. we don't need wijnaldum. we only need depay or lautaro and a few defenders. not another midfielder, our midfielders are full. so please don't make any more silly transfers

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    This is sad that before it was MSN Then MS And now it might be only M

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    training still proves lack the DEFENCE to compete at the highest level. GOAL GALORE

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