Playin Soccer: Samuel Umtiti’s first six months at Barça

Awesome Tip: Samuel Umtiti’s first six months at Barça

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    Legend in the making if he stays with us. Want to become one of the greats?

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    one of the best defenders

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    he is french

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    You're my player of the season. Just love when you're in the starting eleven.

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    hopefully next year barca will win champions league because umtiti would be so happy

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    What a good defender :). A future of BAR. He is going to be the next Puyol <3

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    he did a great work when barca faced psg

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    I'm really glad Barcelona signed him. He's still young so I hope Barcelona molds him into one of the best CB in the world.

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    Samuel THE WALL Umtiti

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    Pongan En Español
    Acaso el equipo es de Inglaterra -.-

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    Les lionnais sont toujour sur ton dos oumetit dsl tu et pour moi le plus beau defenseur

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    Nice one

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    best signing this summer!

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    best signing last year….he s doing great now… Specially in the match against PSG

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    o melhor defesa

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    o melhor defesa

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    Je suis content pour toi Samuel à Barcelone et tu n'as pas changer depuis où on s'est recontrer à roissy quand tu avais 16 ans tu étais un peu perdu pour prendre le vol de Lyon au 2F tu venu même voir pour le vol où revenez en sélection des jeunes 17ans …

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    great signing by barca

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    he's so perfect in his position

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    We are so happy to have you at Barcelona too Samuel 😀 Visca el Barca

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    he's the best

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    • Keepa
    • February 22, 2021

    Where can I find a shirt like his?

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    Guys stop fucking comparing to who he ll be next . Next puyol next abidal etc
    Just see him like an own individual . And hope that he becomes good and great

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    Is it me or does Umtiti look like Black Panther

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    Love this man.

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    He's a good defender that will improve and he will get better than he is and be like legendary puyol or like Eric Abidal

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    God the Lord of Israel bless you and all your family in the name of Jesus

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    Si este equipo es de España por qué no ponen los subtítulos en español

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    Future legend 100%

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    A great defender will become one of the best!

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    I really enjoy watching Samuel play! I have no doubt he will succeed at this club! Barca más nada ❤️

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    I really love Umtiti. always performing every game

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    Honestly, for me he is the most talented young defender!

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    the futur is back welcome Titi

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    better than Maldini

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    Incredible work Samuel!!! I'm glad you stood up for yourself against Aduriz.

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    he is not playing the way i expect. he is good but he always want to go forward or dribble and have bad positioning. hope he gets better.

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