Playin Soccer: Rivaldo shares free-kick expertise with Barça B

Awesome Tip: Rivaldo shares free-kick expertise with Barça B

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  1. Que humildad de este gran crack

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    Esse foi MONSTRO dentro do campo, nos deu uma COPA DO MUNDO em 2002.

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    Very humble, polite and highly effective, skillful and gifted player

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    Being a left footer myself and growing idolizing maradona and knowing he played for barca as well as stoichkov and hagi I always but then back in I started watching on a consistent basis when he got there in 97 and from then on my love for barca grew stronger some what like a religion and rivaldo was and still is my favorite player he maradona and messi are the greatest left footed players of all time in my opinion rivaldo truly an icon

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    Mi ídolo en cuestión del futbol!!! Maestro

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    Rivaldo I play you on PES such a good long shot

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    what a legend rovaldo is

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    Who saw ansu fati ??

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    Imagine some day messi comes over to coach barca youth teams after his finishing his career . It would be dream come true

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    more than a clab ♥

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    Tremendo 10 el segundo mejor centro campista del mundo después de Pele

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    Los españoles muy inteligentes y humildes para aprender del fútbol con los mejores del mundo “Brasil” lós brasileños muy generosos en enseñar de fútbol en el viejo continente

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    My best man revaldo

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    Todos esos chavales son grandazos

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    Brasil o país da ingratidão.

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    Um craque que pude ver em ação, na minha opinião depois do Zico ele foi o melhor camisa 10 da seleção.

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    rivaldo..this is low profile players..but high class in performence…

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    Pouca mídia e transbordava de habilidade e técnica no futebol

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    Certamente um dos 5 maiores jogadores que vi jogar. Acompanho futebol desde 1990

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    RIVALDO 's Leg are Same as Mine …

    • Taco
    • February 2, 2021

    Wow where are those players today man 🙁 so sad

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    Dura tarea enseñar a esos troncos

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    I'm not a Barca fan but he was a great player, loved watching him

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