Playin Soccer: Reverse Step Over | Tutorial

Awesome Tip: Reverse Step Over | Tutorial

Reverse Step Over Tutorial! Learn this simple soccer or football skill move!

Music: Vidya Vidya – Safari Fruits [NCS Release]

JIKES (Ft. Nori) – Let’s Fly Away Pt.2 [NCS Release]


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  1. Amazing

  2. You are the best love from india

  3. You make the videos enjoyable and useful

  4. You can do it more than once as well bring your right foot over the ball then your left and and use your outside of your left foot to turn

  5. Awesome…..

  6. Nice skill mate

  7. Simple Elastico

  8. Every step show with zoming

  9. You are a god saportar……

  10. This was awesome! I see now my mistake, I don't push of my weak got hard enough to keep moving…

  11. So good !

  12. I liked it

  13. Can you show Bicycle kick

  14. Thanks All Attack . I have learned many things and techniques from your videos

  15. I like and love your all video

  16. Do a knuckleball tutorials please.

  17. Thnx!It helped me a lot!

  18. How to Bite Like suarez …Please make it

  19. Please make tutorial of bicycle kick.

  20. Very nice

  21. son your camera work is insane

  22. All stack omg helped me sooo much with my soccer camp!

  23. thank you

  24. thank you

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