Playin Soccer: REUNITED WITH INIESTA VILLA AND SAMPER | Inside Tour Japan 2019

Awesome Tip: REUNITED WITH INIESTA VILLA AND SAMPER | Inside Tour Japan 2019

The team travels to Kobe where Andrés Iniesta, David Villa and Sergi Samper await. Enjoy a full behind the scenes of the shinkansen trip to Kobe, the first training session in that city and the reception where the players got to be reunited with their ex teammates.
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  1. ブスケツがスウィッチしてるの可愛い

  2. Barca is more than a football club.

  3. Where is messi..??

  4. I missed Iniesta

  5. Decull !!

  6. マキヒカ映ったん一瞬で草

  7. Nice

  8. keep going you are amazing

  9. Where is Messi ?

  10. heavily in form of its playing

  11. yes all the best

  12. What's the name of this beautiful reporter?

  13. No Iniesta or Villa interview .. ???

  14. Barcelona podia botar legendas em português nos videos vocês tem muitos fãs brasileiros!

  15. 3:53 frankie & griezmann eyes & smile …. respect …

  16. La poulga il est ou?

    • kd l
    • February 21, 2021

    Good thing about Messi not being there is if Messi had been there it would have been him all over.

  17. Tokyo 2020 – The Radioactive Olympics  no

  18. 0:19マキヒカ?

  19. Visca Barça!Visca Catalunha!

  20. Iniesta!!!!

  21. I miss Iniesta SO MUCHH

  22. Nintendo

    Always a pleasure…

    But I don't have one

  23. Hi beauty white Blondie can u give me your phone number

  24. Iniesta de mi vida. Genio

  25. In the start that woman could have been ran over by a car

  26. Such a lovely moment to see!! Thank you!

  27. まきひか

  28. Shit players. Shit team

  29. Solo ingles xd

  30. Good times

  31. It wouldve been amazing to see messi and iniesta reunited

  32. Wher tf is messi

  33. Neymar

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