Playin Soccer: REAL MADRID 0-3 BARÇA | BARÇA LIVE | El Clásico: Warm up & Match Center

Awesome Tip: REAL MADRID 0-3 BARÇA | BARÇA LIVE | El Clásico: Warm up & Match Center

Follow the pre-game warmup with English commentary, followed by live play by play of the match.

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    Spanish plis

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    2:12:16 rejected

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    1_0 R

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    Congratulations to Barcelona

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    1:57:30 lmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaao

  8. Ronaldinho's goal was his first for Barcelona. What a way to announce his arrival.

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    Please SUBSCRIBE!

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    El Clasico has become a one sided contest. Barca have dominated for years and continue to. It has become predictable.

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    Suarez you are the best football player in the world

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    2:26:14 poor girl

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    Como dicen los Méxicanos, le dierón en la madre al circo Real Madrd.

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    Eyy barca if you're not using coutinho just f*cking sell him to psg or arsenal, what's the purpose of having him but used as a bench warmer… My idol is f*cking useless in barca
    If he is in the wrong position

  16. Yey Barcelona for win

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    Hello darkness, my old friend

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    Pues ya estamos en el punto critico del año!!! … o noqueamos ahora tambien en liga al Real o les damos un respiro de cara a la catorce!!! Ayer lo cierto que el minimo oficio y la maxima eficacia sirvieron para lanzar un claro mensaje al mundo!!! Si 4 en 5 son una( en la orejona) proeza 3 tripletes y un sexteto en 10 es cosa de marcianos…….!!!!! No caiga Messi ni nadie en la tentacion del elogio al adversario esta vez …como en visperas a la 13!!!!


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    Beautiful design super fun great support for new sudiohim

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    Gods word is very fun great design super fun and sudiahm

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    i think only the guy in the right side is the only guy who know something about barca and football xd

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    The Great Wall China = Ter Stegen

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    Je suis français mon équipe préférée est le Barça

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    Chicos, me encantan que sean bilingües y hablen el idioma universal, chabón. Pero no den cringe aveces…

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    Vai Barça ✌️❤️

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    equipo español, y transmitiendo en ingles :v matamama

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    Que se vean los jugadores, no ellos

  30. real loss

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