Playin Soccer: Ready for the match against Osasuna!

Awesome Tip: Ready for the match against Osasuna!

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    can you try me at antrenman ?

  2. Reply

    Barca is my love

  3. Reply

    Entrenador de mierda con sus planteamientos

  4. Reply


  5. Reply

    Valverde out

  6. Reply

    If u was we would have won

  7. Reply

    No u weren’t

  8. Reply

    Yall aint ready

  9. Reply

    perform on the match day, lost 4 points already

  10. Reply

    Neymar JR

  11. Reply


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    BARTOMEU Valverde out

  13. окуенно

  14. Reply

    2-2 :/

  15. Reply

    no perez❌..no Rafinha❎..no..velvarde❌‼

  16. Reply

    I hate suresh

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    With how horrible they look , especially considering the payroll and "supposed" level of quality players, without Messi (not just this year but for basically the past 6-7 years), I don't see how he doesn't win every single player of the year award as long as he's playing.

    It's halftime and they can't muster any chances, the midfield is playing like and getting shredded like a collection of MLS B-teamers, and basically any time a team gets a halfway decent counter attack opportunity the score rate will be off the charts. It's time to really just destroy things out from the roots and just start anew. You will have to plan for the future when eventually Messi declines and moves on because he's the only reason they've maintained an approximate level of competitiveness for the major cups, putting makeup on the many flaws.

    I can just imagine the manager's and front office's panic attacks and subsequent abuse of valium and xanax every time Messi can't play.

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    We need rakitic in our team

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    When neto .?


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    Por culpa de dembele no tenemos a neymar

  22. One like =1 goal for fcbarcelona

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    VN điểm danh

  24. Reply

    Who’s here after 3-1

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    I was just passing by the comments. Suddenly, Screen showed Messi. I didn't expect him so I am ecstatic. Also, Ansu Fati is a huge talent.

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    You ever see a comment and then you’re like Damn, I should have wrote that

    • Ronni
    • February 18, 2021

    The music makes it so peaceful

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    Visca barça

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    Will Neymar come back?

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    Someone please say me how to play the first solo

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    What the Shitt is this 140 million useless expensive pathetic overrated overpaid dumb garbage BLOOD SUCKING LEACH ARROGANT DEMBELE is doing.
    BARCA should get rid of the poisonous CURSED LEACH DEMBELE.
    This CURSED LEACH DEMBELE creature will spoil the other players in the squad with his pathetic attitude

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