Playin Soccer: Ready for the match against Betis!

Awesome Tip: Ready for the match against Betis!


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Playin Soccer: Recovery work in training for Betis game


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    Umititi franchement défensivement c nul mes nul srx mon gars reprend toi !!

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    Alba franchement toi ta rien à dire on na perdu ton niveaux depuis la finale league des champions 2015 tu ft genre t un cadre mes à là mi temp face a liverpool teter le premier entrin de pleuré alors toi calme toi et retrouvre ton Nivx !!! On s’est tous que au BARÇA LA DIRECTION CEST DE LA MERDE !!! Et c bon y’a déjà Messi qui déjà mi un coup à la direction alors les joueur n’en rajouté pas d’huile sur le feu .. BARTEMEU et sa CLICK OUT !!! LAPORTA OU FONTE IN ✅ …

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    Like si te gusta messi

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    If we lose today to I'll stop watching Barça matches

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    Au barca le problème c’est les cadres de l’équipe qui ne sont plus au niveau depuis très longtemps busquets, pique alba faut mettre les jeunes…après les Roberto, Lenglet ils n’ont pas le niveau pour un club comme le barca faut arrêter de s’obstiner à les titulariser ! 😉

  6. Удачи во всем всем

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    Guys these players don’t care if they win, they just care about getting paid. Don’t leave something important to do later to watch the game, just do it! And forget the game. they don’t pay you and they don’t even entertain you. They be losing, or winning by a low score. Barca is not the same. If you have time to watch the games watch it but if you don’t just forget the game and don’t watch it. And do you work but don’t leave it to watch it because what is the point, I mean if it was the Uefa champions then go ahead, but the Liga fuc that.

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    Visća berce ♥️

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    Setien has the ability to be the next pep guardiola…Pep had also lost his first games at Barcelona as a manager ……there is nothing to criticize setien

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    who is on 3:38

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    This Barcelona time is finish liverpool desteoyed them and messi glad it wasn't Juventus

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    Please give more minutes to Puig

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    play vidal

  14. Love messi

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    All the best Barca!

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    Please barca won

  17. Reply

    Play 4-4-2 and don't let pique play

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    "Mes que un club" somehow seems more fitting now than it has for a long time.

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    i love the way how quique try to keep the players focus and ready for the next challenge

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    You Guys put too much pressure on Messi.and the rest of the team.

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    Why is this De Jong needed? Return Rafinha

  22. Reply

    no no no
    this is not barca
    atl madrit 3-2 barca
    atl bilbao 1-0 barca

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    Who think the MESSI is the best player

  24. Reply

    Les trois points svp

  25. Reply


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    I hope FCB win this match

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    Mes que un club

  28. Reply


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    I like this coach he's pretty fun and easy to work with

  30. برشلونه وبس

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    Barca ❤️❤️❤️

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    Forca Barca

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    As a loyal Barca fan Setien is really trying, instead of putting him down let give me a support.

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    Who is this player in 3:38

  37. Reply

    I belive in setien

  38. Reply

    Vidal is important to win

  39. Reply

    Lets win come on

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