Playin Soccer: Rakitic, de Jong and Arthur are back after international games

Awesome Tip: Rakitic, de Jong and Arthur are back after international games

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  1. Song?

  2. You gave de jong first then Arthur and that's mean you guys like de jong so much than Arthur !!!

  3. Name song?

  4. Bonjour

  5. 1:47 are you kidding me? GOAT

  6. After messi arthur and jong will be the reason for me to watch barca.

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  8. My dream play in barsa
    But i cant i from usa but i live in ecuador
    I have 13 years old 🙂

  9. Love seeing de Jong and Arthur together

  10. Le roi football Lionel Messi cette année ballon d'or

  11. Let RAKITIC play

  12. Here we go

  13. whers fati?

  14. Valverde out

  15. Vamos …Barca

  16. Piqué est en slip au début des 3 minutes

  17. Hay vãi việt nam xin like nào

  18. I wish i was a player of barcelona

  19. Did you see that @ 1:47

  20. Really hope alena gets a chance

  21. Valverde out

  22. Where is Rakitić

  23. هلا برشلونة

  24. Sign kante plz

  25. Gogogoo barcelona never give up

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