Playin Soccer: Q&A Questions!

Awesome Tip: Q&A Questions!

Post your Questions down below for AllAttack’s first Q&A!

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Thanks to our cousin Bryce for visiting us this week!


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  1. Reply

    Can you do a tutorial about ball stealing techniques ?

  2. Reply

    Hey all attack how are your video are my favorite and I learn and trained by your video it help me a lot so please can you show how to steal a ball from opponent or attackers ?

  3. Reply

    Good Boys

  4. Reply

    do you play pes

  5. Reply

    How to improve pass and receive????

  6. Reply

    Hi bro im Ur biggest fan. Are regularly exercise for you body transformation cos noticed that you were very lean during ur early videos but now you are improving.

  7. Reply

    you play nice but why you not become a footballplayer?

  8. Reply

    How to do double step over

  9. Reply

    Please tell me about striker tactics in detail and also a video on numtegs

  10. Reply

    you can beat freekickerz or skill twins all attack

  11. Reply

    Are you guys going to do a tutorial on a chest stall??

  12. Reply

    Can you make video how to defend in situation 1 vs 2

  13. Reply

    who is your favorite footballer

  14. Reply

    please can u make a video for everything about freekicks and one about CM tactics

  15. Reply

    I am left footed. What is the most effective skill for a left footed player?

  16. Reply

    what exercises can you do to improve your stamina and endurance

  17. Reply

    if u had to choose the life of a footballer who would it be and why?

  18. Reply

    Knuckleball Tutorial anytime soon? Love your vids and keep up the awesome videos

  19. Reply

    Why soccer

  20. Reply

    Favourite football boots?

  21. Reply

    Are you more into Adidas or Nike ? ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. plz ! can you do a tutorial : how to be recruited in football ?

  23. Reply

    What is your favourite ingame skill move????

  24. Reply

    What position do y'all play

  25. Reply

    What were your first football boots?

  26. Reply

    What cleats is your favorite and are you Adidas person or Nike

  27. Reply

    How long have you been playing soccer?

  28. Informations about you & Why you aren't a professional player ?

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