Playin Soccer: Q&A Questions!

Awesome Tip: Q&A Questions!

Q&A Questions!

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Playin Soccer: From Rondo 2v4 to 5v4+GK – Pedro Mendonça


  1. can you make video often

  2. what type of boots should a defensive midfield player use

  3. can you show us how to do the Chilena

  4. When should i raise my head??
    And when i want to dribble where should i look , at the ball or at the opponent

  5. what is your favorite sport other than football?

    • Pyro
    • February 9, 2021

    What's your favourite or most useful trick to do

  6. What skill moves do you use in your games?

  7. Any pro trail you've attended……. #allattack

  8. Are you ever gonna go pro?

  9. De Gea or Neuer??

  10. Hi all attack, do you remember your subscriber Manutdboy if you did, this is my another account and I sub, I sub to you with two account

  11. Can you end the video?

  12. Which BPL team do you support? Also do you play for a team, Sunday league or low division maybe?

  13. Hey! How are you?

  14. How old is your sister?

  15. What is your job?

  16. Can de gea save America from Donald trump

  17. What's the fastest way to make a career out of football…especially in a country like India…?

  18. how to improve passing

  19. 'Decision making' after receiving the ball (provided no 1st touch passes are available) ?
    Please help me with this…!

  20. 1- Why are u not in a playing professional football?
    2- How much do you train in a day?
    3- In how much time you learnt juggling?

  21. When did you start playing football?

  22. you like Neymar or Cristiano Ronaldo??

  23. Where are you from???

  24. How do I make significant inside foot curve ?

  25. Who is your idol in soccer

  26. F2 or SkillTwins?

  27. Is your grandfather Gary Brinkmann

  28. do you play in a league? If you do, can you show some footage?

  29. whats your daily sheaduel

  30. r u the best in your team at the age of 13

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