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  1. Reply

    How to play like ronaldo

  2. Reply


  3. Reply

    hey bro plz do a video on goalkeeping training…plz plz plz

  4. Reply

    what song is that towards the end?

  5. Reply

    Can u do some football challenges with your bro

  6. Reply

    Sir How Can We Do Juggling At Home With Football

  7. Reply

    Mhm, Magistas are definitely the best.

  8. Reply

    What editor u use…pls tell me…pls

  9. Reply

    what team do u go for?

  10. Reply

    yes i think he shaved at the end

  11. Reply

    Did u shave at the end of,the video

  12. Reply

    how old are you guys?

  13. Reply

    Can you make a video about when to perform a skill like how close or far away to do it. I think that would help a lot of people

  14. Reply

    which is the best laliga team

  15. Reply

    HOW to do double step over

  16. Reply

    you are st or midfidler

  17. Reply

    Why aren't you pro?

  18. Reply

    Which mls academy did you play for?

  19. Reply

    This channel deserves way more subs.

  20. Reply

    One of the best football video makers I've seen. Keep it up.

  21. Reply

    Did shave at the end of the video?

  22. Reply

    What team or organization are u currently playing for?

  23. Reply

    Do your best to do another thinkfast video

  24. Reply

    Can you do a around the world tutorial

  25. Reply

    Hi allattack 🙂

  26. Reply

    hey guys. Like ur videos & tips. They r Simple & Effective i think. In Addition i was hoping if u could suggest, How to stretch properly to start the game & to cool off your muscle afterwards. You know how important it is, for those who plays fairly often ??

  27. Reply

    how can I improve my tricks to show of to my friends? uncommon tricks and skills on the field

  28. Reply

    He shaved during the video

  29. Reply

    Can you do a tutorial about "How to goal with bicycle kick precisely" Thank you

  30. Reply

    Please upload videos more often i check for your new videos daily and get disappointed! 🙁

  31. Reply

    faz um video ensinando o akka 3000

  32. Reply

    Would Westen be able to beat Spencer in a footbal game though?

  33. Reply

    More soccer videos and more shooting

  34. Reply

    Who do you think Is the best Bundesliga player

  35. Reply

    Do more reading comments

  36. Reply

    PLEASE do the Rabona PLZ

  37. Reply

    physical fitness videos

  38. Reply

    Q&A how did you learn does skills?

  39. Reply

    I love you guys good teachings

  40. Reply

    Hi…I'm a huge fan of your channel…I've improved my football skills so much that I feel like Messi….Well kind of…Anyway…I wanted you advice…You see,I know a lot of skill move which I learned mostly from you and some from my friends…But the real problem is that I don't know when or where to use it…I guess I'm not looking….P.S. Reply ASAP…

  41. Reply

    Make a video about how to hit the crossbar

  42. Reply

    after watching this, so many motivational speeches pop uplol

  43. Reply

    I known how to skill so so but I just use it because iam too slow (lazy) while iam playing can you help me

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